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Survey showed if Americans have enough money to cover medical costs 

Americans are expressing concerns about their savings and financial burden caused by the coronacrisis

medical costs

Survey showed if Americans have enough money to cover medical costs. Source:

According to the survey, 52% of Americans don’t have enough money saved to cover COVID-19 medical costs. In addition to that, 46% revealed they would think twice about seeking medical care right now due to its cost.

The respondents are also concerned about price transparency in the US healthcare system. Thus, 90% of them think coronavirus medical care prices shouldn’t be higher than the prices on a restaurant menu.

Apart from medical bills, 23% of respondents won’t be able to pay bills like utilities or mortgage payments this month. Meanwhile, 24% of Americans surveyed reported losing their job because of the COVID-19.

The survey report also uncovered that 9% of people surveyed lost their health insurance during this pandemic.

As to the thing the majority of US respondents agree on, 87% of them thought healthcare workers on the frontlines deserve a financial bonus from the federal government.



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