Telemedicine to become the leading industry trend in 2021: research

Telemedicine has surpassed other key industry trends such as virtual clinical trials and e-health records


Telemedicine to become the leading industry trend in 2021: research. Source:

According to GlobalData, pharmaceutical industry professionals said they believe telemedicine will remain the leading industry trend in 2021 and beyond.

This suggestion is following real data, remote patient monitoring, personalized medicine, and the development of immune-oncology.

Telemedicine has become a critical strategy during the pandemic to bound the risk of infection, the report states. It also allows patients to receive care during the lockdown, which has forced policymakers in many countries to simplify regulations to ease widespread use.

Before COVID-19, telemedicine never reached its full potential. That’s because such barriers as compensation, affordability, lack of awareness, resistance to change, and connectivity issues hampered its implementation.

The analysis showed significant growth in mobile app downloads for on-demand telemedicine platforms, with many having more uploads in Q2 2020 than in 2019. For instance, the patient companion application for InTouch Health was downloaded approximately 2,300 times in 2019, but over 22,300 in Q2 2020 – an increase of about 870%. Likewise, MediSprout’s V2MD app downloads increased from less than 50 in 2019 to around 4,100 in Q2 2020, i.e. by 8270%.

We’ve reported that 64% of Americans think that COVID-19 has advanced healthcare technology and they are embracing it.


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