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Thales expands its data protection ecosystem

Enterprises can now reduce cyber risk and secure their digital transformation initiatives


Thales expands its data protection ecosystem. Source:

French company Thales has revealed an expansion of its data protection ecosystem to more than 300 technology partners. That would allow companies to protect their digital transformation in new markets including blockchain, cloud, DevOps, IoT, and code signing.

This way, more organizations can integrate Thales’ data encryption, hardware security modules, and key management.

They will be able to access management technologies with their existing IT infrastructure and cloud services to protect apps, data, and identities.

The use of the cloud and digital transformation is now the cornerstone of any modern company. Vitally though, those that are truly leading the way are doing so by integrating security by design into their processes from the start. By integrating our data protection products and services with hundreds of technology partners, we can ensure customers and their sensitive data are protected throughout their entire transformation journey and remain at the forefront of their industries
Sebastien Cano, Senior Vice President for Cloud Protection and Licensing Activities at Thales 

We’ve reported that Thales has found that 68% of US IT professionals consider unprotected infrastructure as one of the biggest targets for cyberattacks.


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