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The biggest online sports betting innovations of the last decade

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People have been betting on sports for decades, if not centuries, but it has never been as universally popular as it is today. A lot of that is down to technology such as the internet which has allowed for the development of the online betting industry. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of online bookmakers and betting sites that we can use to place our bets. The industry has never been as accessible as it is today.

Over the years, there have been a number of innovations that have allowed the sports betting industry to grow. However, what have been the biggest innovations in online sports betting in the past decade? There have been a few and no doubt there will be more, but this article will take you through some of the biggest innovations which have shaped online sports betting into what it is today.

online sports betting

The biggest online sports betting innovations of the last decade. Source:

eSports betting

The rise of eSports has provided us with something else we can wager on. Growing up, we would never have believed it possible to earn money by playing video games, but eSports has grown into a huge industry. Professionals compete in games such as Dota, CS:GO, Hearthstone, Fortnite, and League of Legends to win huge prizes. Those of us not good enough to be pro gamers also benefit, as we can bet on those that are in the hope of making our own money.

Mobile sports betting

Without a doubt, one of the biggest innovations in the sports betting industry within the last decade was taking it mobile. We have the ability to place bets on the go using our smartphones and tablets, something that we could only do online previously by using laptops and desktop computers.

Our sports betting lives are so much better for it too. We can now use our mobile devices to use sites to find and sign up offers such as free bets and watch live streams of the sports we have wagered on. We can also use our phones to access our accounts, deposit and withdraw, and to check out all the latest odds.

Live streaming

We touched upon live streams in the previous section, and that alone is a great innovation in the sports betting industry. Many UK bookmakers stream the sporting action live so that we can wager and watch at the same time. Whether you have placed fixed bets on the result or love using in-play bets, being able to watch the event just makes sports betting much more entertaining.

This is not just limited to those using computers either. You can watch live streams using your mobile devices too.

Secured payment options

When it comes to payment tips when gambling online, at the top of the list is to always use betting sites that use 128-bit SSL encryption technology. This technology encrypts data sent between your browser and the website you are transacting with. This makes it virtually impossible for hackers to find and intercept your data which could include sensitive banking information.


It is clear that the sports betting industry has come a long way in the last decade. We have seen many innovations such as the above making our sports betting experience so much better. That said, what can we expect to see in the next ten years? The mind boggles as to what we could experience down the line. Could we have virtual reality betting, for example? Well, whatever is coming our way, it is certainly going to be an interesting time for us sports betting fans!


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