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The first company brings unmanned vehicle into residential areas in China

Hachi Auto was applied to the “Boston Ivy” community in early November 2019


The first company brings unmanned vehicle into residential areas in China. Source:

Seedland Group became the first company to bring the unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) into residential communities in China. Being a part of Seedland’s Smart Life System, Hachi Auto allows the Boston Ivy community residents to experience the convenience brought by technological innovation.

Powered by LiDAR and vision technology, multi-sensor fusion algorithm, 3D obstacle detection and speed estimation, the vehicle can accurately move forward, backward, and turn around in the operating environment. Along with that, the vehicle supports automatic calculation of the avoidance path without human intervention.

As to other major benefits, the UGV adapts to different weather conditions. What is more, it has a powerful positioning algorithm with an accuracy of 2-5cm, keeping it from being affected by the GPS signal instability between community buildings. Over 100,000 kilometers of road test without a single human intervention has proven the stability of the algorithm.


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