The number of retailers suffering from organized thefts revealed

68% of retailers said ORC gangs had shown more aggression or violence in 2018

Organized retail crime

The number of retailers suffering from organized thefts revealed. Source:

According to the National Retail Federation, organized retail crime (ORC) affects almost all merchants. This way, more than two-thirds of those surveyed have seen an increase in the past year.

Organized retail crime continues to present a serious challenge to the retail industry. These criminal gangs are sophisticated, but so are retail loss prevention teams. Retailers are committing more resources and constantly evolving their tactics to fight this ongoing challenge
Bob Morac, NRF Vice President of Loss Prevention 

97% of retailers had been victimized by ORC in 2018, whereas 68% had seen an increase in ORC activity, the research says.

Almost 65% of retailers said ORC is a higher priority for their companies than 5 years ago, while 56% were allocating additional technology to the issue. The research revealed 44% were increasing their loss prevention budgets.

Among the steps taken, 38% of retailers had changed or were planning to change return policies to fight ORC. At the same time, 37% were doing the same with point-of-sale policies, 27% with employee screening and 24% with the way they handle trespassing.


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