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Tmall Global finds solution for international trade

Warehousing, processing, packaging, and transportation help guarantee product quality and freshness due to the temperature controllers

Tmall Global

Tmall Global finds solution for international trade. Source:

Tmall Global announced the launch of a new logistics feature making it easier for international brands to sell fresh food to Chinese consumers.
The end-to-end service handles shipping for temperature-sensitive products, from foods to pharmaceuticals.

Brands are often facing the problem of hiring multiple logistics partners when it comes to selling fresh items to China. From now on, the company says international retailers will be able to trade by the simplified procedure. The Chinese cold-chain logistics market is expected to reach over $48.2 billion in 2019, up 17.6% compared to last year.

Along with that, Tmall Global aims to offer sales and marketing opportunities so that brands directly reach and engage consumers to better sell these fresh goods.

Brands can gain first-hand knowledge of who their customers are and their preferences through their stores. These insights can inform their future decisions, helping drive product innovation and market expansion
Sonic Gao, head of the food category at Tmall Global

Tmall Global involved the network resources of Alibaba’s logistics arm Cainiao to assist the new service. This way, Cainiao rolls out a series of specialized, cross-border supply-chain solutions for global brands, such as customized shipping for short shelf-life products, cosmetics, and jewelry. As a result, brands managed to reduce about 10% in costs and improved delivery speed by 5 to 10 days.


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