The research unveils the popular mobile games’ daily revenue

Game developers get millions in revenue every day as long as mobile games have become an enormous industry

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The research reveals the popular mobile games’ daily revenue. Source:

GoldenCasinoNews research says that the top 3 US App Store games hit $3.2 million daily revenue in November 2019.

Candy Crush Saga took first place, gaining a $1.6 million profit per day. It gets the top both in revenue and the number of downloads. During the last five years, the Candy Crush franchise has earned an estimated $6.37 billion worldwide while the game was downloaded more than 1.34 billion times in total.

The second place comes to Homescapes, which generated over $860 thousand daily. With more than $760 thousand revenue per day, Toon Blast takes the third place on the list.

According to the statistics, 10 leading US App Store games generate over $5.6 million in daily revenue. This way, Candy Crush Saga, Homescapes, and Toon Blast make almost 60% of the whole amount. Roblox is the fourth profitable App Store mobile game of November, gaining almost $630 thousand per day. At the same time, Fortnite ranked in sixth place on the list, with a daily profit of more than $387 thousand.


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