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The number of cardholders worldwide revealed

SmartMetric has been forecasting the popularity growth of credit/debit cards over a decade ago

Credit and debit cards

The number of cardholders worldwide revealed. Source:

According to the biometric credit and debit cards maker SmartMetric, cards are still preferred when it comes to making payments, in spite of the push to replace them with mobile transactions.

The card for credit and debit transactions has not only not disappeared but has in fact grown in use as consumers shy away from trusting their smartphones for day-to-day credit and debit purchasersrn
Chaya Hendrick, SmartMetric’s President & CEO

The majority of issued cards have a small square chip on the surface that is used to send encrypted data from the card to the retail card reader and ATM.

At the end of 2018, there were more than 8.2 billion chip-based credit and debit cards, with the US accounting for more than 842 million of them.

SmartMetric has been researching and developing the idea of secure and easy-to-use cards for years. The company suggested the launch of additional security by putting a biometric fingerprint scanner inside the card.

After the use of the miniaturized fingerprint scanner technology, SmartMetric has now brought biometric security technology to the chip-based credit and debit cards.


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