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These technologies can help to reopen schools safely

Educational institutions aim to minimize the risk of the virus’s spread


These technologies can help to reopen schools safely. Source:

ExpressVPN has revealed top technologies that would help educational institutions to monitor students after they are reopened.

  • Contact-tracing apps 

Some universities, like the University of Alabama, are encouraging and sometimes mandating students to use a contact-tracing app. Despite there are privacy safeguards in place, there are concerns surrounding the fundamental lack of security of Bluetooth.

Besides, there’s no guarantee that universities won’t add other features like location tracking or personally identifiable information, which would undermine student privacy.

  • Increased facial recognition

Schools in New York were until recently keen on introducing facial recognition systems into schools. They were arguing that it was even more important now that schools have to use multiple entrances to enable temperature screening as a safety measure. Although, it is alarming that schools are entertaining it as an option to monitor students at school.

  • Wearable tracking beacons

For primary schools, where mobile phones may not be as widely used, wearable tracking beacons are being contemplated as a possible tool to see if students are practicing social distancing.

  • Monitoring student behavior

Switching to online learning has required significant adjustments for educators and students alike, and it’s raised new questions about privacy. For instance, Zoom and other video-conferencing apps have triggered concerns about the security of these video apps.

We’ve reported that PayMyTuition, a part of MTFX Group, has added new biometrics facial recognition technology to enhance cross-border tuition payment security.


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