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TikTok introduced automatic captions feature

TikTok keeps making its app more accessible


TikTok introduced automatic captions feature. Source:

TikTok has introduced a new auto captions feature to help people who are hard of hearing or deaf better use the app.

According to the report, auto captions automatically generate subtitles, allowing viewers to read or listen to content.

As creators make content, they can select auto captions in the editing page after they’ve uploaded or recorded a video so that text is automatically transcribed and displayed on their videos.


With this feature, creators have the power to edit the text of their captions once they’re generated.


Captions added by creators are part of the video content, and in the event a viewer wants to turn them off they can do so by opening the share panel, tapping the captions button, and setting captions to off.

This feature will initially be available in American English and Japanese, with additional language support in the coming months.

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