Tips you can follow in choosing a cryptocurrency mining pool

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After knowing the profit potential of cryptocurrency mining, almost everyone has tried to do it. People have tried minting these tokens with their personal computers but have failed to profit. Miners always consider becoming a member of a mining pool, but it also depends upon the digital coin they are about to mint.

Every cryptocurrency activist knows what mining pools are and their importance in this industry. You can try here to acquire a detailed guide to digital currency trading. But almost every budding miner fails to choose an optimal mining pool for their mining journey. So let’s check out some tips that can surely help you choose a mining pool.


Tips you can follow in choosing a cryptocurrency mining pool. Source:

Key Takeaways

Some mining pool necessitates the miner to buy costly mining machines.

A mining pool must operate with utter limpidity.

Knowing the pay per share and rewarding scheme of a cryptocurrency mining pool is essential as it might be more than your total reward in some mining pools.

One of the essential things that matter while choosing a mining pool is the total hash rate generated by the mining pool. Some calculate the potential of a mining pool with the number of miners present in it. But it will be great to focus on the hash rate of a mining pool.

Mining pool machines

Many hardware is viable for the process when it comes to cryptocurrency mining. But the profitability varies by a massive amount in each hardware. The majority of mining software necessitates utilizing a graphic processing and central processing unit. However, only GPU mining is worth a shot as CPU mining is not profitable and consumes a massive chunk of power.

With passing time, the profitability of GPU mining might diminish as more advanced specialized mining machines have started to dominate the industry. GPUs make mining more profitable as you don’t need to invest a considerable amount of money to buy the hardware. Miners having a high budget combine a certain amount of GPUs to make a mining rig.

They usually use a rack to align the GPUs in one place to get the maximum output. But even after the advancement of GPUs, the power of ASICs is enormous. The price difference between these two mining machines is massive as you can buy a standard GPU for mining in 10000 INR, whereas even the utmost basic ASIC costs around 1 Lakh INR. So checking the compatibility of the mining pool with the mining machine you own is mandatory. Large mining pools offering huge rewards demands only ASICs to join the pool, but not every miner can afford this machine.

The internet connection speed of a miner should be matching with the pooling requirement. For example, if a mining pool requires 10 Mb/ sec, your internet connection speed must be similar. Some experts say that mining also requires some cooling equipment as the mining machines generate an excessive amount of heat.

Check its transparency

Proper operations in the mining pool are necessary as many Ponzi schemes promise budding miners a definite reward and give them nothing. For example, some mining pools were alleged of showing a fake figure when it came to the combined hash rate generated by the mining pool. Therefore, a miner should always double-check the defined combined hash rate and compare it with the actual.

One should analyze the rewarding scheme of cryptocurrency mining and compare it with the rest of the contenders. One of the prominent features of authentic mining pools is that they offer a full-time dashboard of the total hash rate produced in a certain amount by the members of a cryptocurrency mining pool.

Payout scheme of the mining pool

Each mining pool has a different rewarding pattern. The rewarding pattern decides the authenticity of a mining pool. As some rewarding schemes offer significantly fewer rewards, others are very proficient.

One of the standard rewarding schemes of the cryptocurrency mining pool is pay per share, abbreviated as PPS. The stability of the mining pool also accounts for one of the essential tips to choose a mining pool. In short, a mining pool should always generate an enticing combined hash rate as only then you will avail profits from mining.


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