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Top 10 highest-paid crypto jobs in 2021

Today, we’re going to find out which crypto jobs are most appreciated at the moment

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Top 10 highest-paid crypto jobs in 2021. Source:

The cryptocurrency market is taking giant strides. As it happens with all new technologies, there’s a huge demand for highly skilled professionals in this industry. Those crypto-related talents are also well-rewarded financially.

The average salary for crypto professionals in the US is $108,371 per year and $52 per hour. The majority of сryptocurrency salaries currently range between $49,500 and $159,000, with top earners making $191,500 annually across the United States.

Telling the truth, the estimations present at various resources are quite rough, as there’s not much data available. Most employers dealing with blockchain and crypto may pay a part of the remuneration in fiat currencies, whereas another part might be in tokens the company is promoting. Moreover, salaries differ greatly depending on the region you work in. The United States is currently the ultimate hub for crypto professionals, offering the highest salaries. Remote work from any corner of the world is also decently paid.

At the same time, the type of company you’re working for also greatly influences the salary range. Many crypto startups are fueled by their developers’ enthusiasm rather than real money behind them. Thus, they may offer less. For instance, the speakers of the Blockchain Conference stated that the average salary of a blockchain developer was only $2000-$3000. That differs from most available data, since it’s usually based on top US crypto and blockchain projects. Furthermore, they say, the ideological concept of projects like Free Ton may attract volunteer developers ready to invest both money and efforts just to participate.

Despite all those uncertainties, we’ll try to present the crypto job market situation as accurately as possible. According to Cryptocurrency Jobs platform, average salaries for crypto-related professions are:

1. Blockchain developer ($136,000)

Blockchain developers are responsible for running all processes of blockchain applications, from survey and inspection to plan and implementation. These professionals establish Blockchain infrastructure, arrange safety standards to protect against cyberattacks, and supervise the built technology. They must master different programming languages. Blockchain software developers make Dapps, whereas core blockchain developers govern the network and design its architecture.

The lowest base salary across Europe, Asia, and the US is $55,000. The high base salary is $200,000.

2. Solidity developer ($127,500)

Solidity Developers use the object-oriented Solidity language to build and deploy smart contracts on Ethereum based applications. Solidity is the native language of the Ethereum blockchain platform. These professionals create, audit, write tests and review solidity smart contracts. They can later become blockchain and smart contract developers too.

The low base salary across Asia and the US is $80,000. The high base salary is $200,000.

3. Engineer ($127,000)

Blockchain engineers develop and implement accelerators and assets, assist with an organisation’s infrastructure setups utilising technologies like Ethereum, and ensure applications are secure. They should have advanced knowledge of cryptography and basic knowledge of both front-end and back-end web development. Individuals need a degree in computer science, information systems, or engineering, as well as a strong background in distributed database experience and single sign-on (SSO) security experience.

The lowest base salary across Europe, Asia, Canada, and the US is $51,000. The high base salary is $250,000.

4. Blockchain business development person ($122,500)

These professionals deal with business sales. They should promote sales to blockchain projects around the world, build new networks and relationships globally, as well as attend some exhibitions and events relating to blockchain to make connections with strategic partners in the crypto ecosystem. Business developers are responsible for scoping the opportunities, identifying risks and ways to mitigate them, and driving the plan for corporate growth.

The low base salary across Asia and the US is $90,000. The high base salary is $150,000.

5. Software engineer ($119,000)

Software engineers may iterate, prototype, and launch new crypto products. They also develop and maintain crypto platform components, blockchain, and consensus libraries, design and build new smart contracts and off-chain applications that integrate with the existing blockchain, as well as integrate platforms with DeFi protocols, other blockchains and exchanges.

The lowest base salary across Europe, Canada, and the US is $60,000. The high base salary is $175,000.

6. Front-end developer ($115,000)

Their responsibilities include extending and building new UI features, optimizing web applications to maximise speed and scale, diagnosing and fixing bugs and performance bottlenecks, building libraries and frameworks that support complex web applications, speed up development efficiency and improve code quality. Blockchain UI type of interfaces also requires dealing with APIs of the corresponding libraries. These professionals must have a strong understanding of UI, cross-browser compatibility, general web functions and standards, software documentation, security principles and how they apply to interface applications.

The low base salary across Europe and the US is $45,000. The high base salary is $145,000.

7. Product designer ($112,500)

The crypto product designer takes new products and features from ideation to production, designs the user interface, flows, and user experience of new features on wallets and applications, executes on the product roadmap and helps define product strategy

The low base salary across Asia and the US is $64,000. The high base salary is $140,000.

8. Back-end developer ($110,000)

Developing back-end systems for crypto-related projects means building new services to meet critical product and business needs, designing scalable systems with cloud technology and industry best practices, writing high-quality and well-tested code. These professionals can design and develop APIs, carry-on performance tests, do blockchain deployment, design software specifications, work alongside other developers to develop software, and provide technical support.

The low base salary across Europe and the US is $45,500. The high base salary is $140,000.

9. UI/UX designer ($107,500)

These professionals design the web-based user interface and the user interaction flows for the cross-chain applications, proactively drive and conduct user research to improve products based on systematic feedback evaluation, translate user insights into artifacts (user stories, wireframes, mock-ups, and prototypes), implement designs, continuously solve user interaction issues, prepare demos for new applications, ensure consistent and high-quality user experience across all UIs, and more.

The low base salary across Canada, Europe and the US is $40,000. The high base salary is $140,000.

10. Blockchain full stack developer ($100,000)

Full Stack Developers are required to see a project from conception to final product, requiring good organisational skills and attention to detail. They need broad experience in building backend/frontend web services using several languages and frameworks, knowledge of smart contracts development, engineering thinking and the ability to both architect and develop innovative solutions in line with client needs and budgets.

The low base salary across Canada, Europe and the US is $40,000. The high base salary is $115,000.


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