Top 10 IoT solutions and devices

The best Internet of Things devices and solution in 2019

Top 10 IoT solutions and devices. Source:

PaySpace Magazine has recently considered what IoT is, and its advantages and drawbacks. Today we’d like to talk about top-notch IoT devices and solutions, offered by today’s market.

1. Google Home Voice Controller

This smart device is a bright representative of the Internet of Things concept. It allows users to enjoy functions like media, alarms, lights, thermostats, control media volume, and many more features. The best thing about Google Home Voice Controller is that it is a voice-controlled device.

Price: $130


  • Can be used as a device for listening media
  • Plays the role of controller of TV and speakers
  • Manage a timer or alarm with the help of this device
  • It handles media volume, or home lighting remotely if it is told to do so
  • It can help to plan your day, as well as automate some processes

2. Amazon Echo Plus Voice Controller

This model of Amazon Echo is one of the most popular Internet of Things devices. You can listen to media, call your family and friends, set a timer/alarm clock, ask questions, get the required info, check the weather, ask about your shopping lists or plans for the day, use it as a manager of house appliances, and do a lot of other features with this device.

Price: $99.99


  • It can be just a speaker that plays music tracks, or connects to external speakers/headphones
  • Amazon Echo can make a call and message (voice-activated features)
  • There are from six to seven microphones embedded in this device. This speaker can hear your voice from any point of the room and from any direction (even while listening to music). Moreover, it has nice tech specs
  • Amazon Echo can control compatible smart home devices

Amazon Echo is one of the most popular Internet of Things devices. Source:

3. Amazon Dash Button

The Dash Button is a specialized Amazon device, which is connected through Wi-Fi. Dash Button’s primary aim is to make sure that its owner hasn’t run out of major household stuff, such as food, soft drinks, provisions of personal hygiene, medical care products, supplies for children and pets, etc.

However, if you want to utilize the Dash Button completely and enjoy all its perks, then you have to be an Amazon Prime member.

Price: $4.99


  • You can order goods swiftly and smoothly, without any need for recalling your message again. It also reduces search time, when you ask to find the required products
  • This straightforward and reliable device will make your life simple and easy

4. August Doorbell Cam

Basically, it is a doorbell with a camera, and it allows users to answer their door from anywhere (even from a remote location). It continually checks doors and captures motion changes.

Price: $199


  • This device easily pairs with all August Smart Locks, so you can let members of the family (for example, who forgot their keys) or guests into your house remotely
  • Full-color HD video
  • It works continually, so the doorstep monitoring issue is not a problem anymore
  • 24/7 video recording
  • It is quite easy to install this device

5. Nest Smoke Alarm

Nest Smoke Alarm is not just a conventional smoke detector. First and foremost, it is an IoT device. Thus, it can think, speak, and alert a user’s smartphone about any undesired emergency in their house or apartment. What’s more, it can automatically test itself.

Price: $119


  • You can control this alarm device right from your smartphone (no extra hardware needed)
  • It is a cross-platform device, which works with both iOS and Android operating systems
  • The installation process is rather easy
  • The device has different colors suitable for different situations: green, yellow, and red. It helps to communicate with a user

Nest Smoke Alarm is not just a conventional smoke detector. Source:

6. NETGEAR Orbi Ultra-Performance Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System

Essentially, it is a Wi-Fi router and single satellite extender, and a very powerful IoT device. It can maintain the entire home mesh Wi-Fi system, and cover the whole house with fast Wi-Fi.

Price: $310


  • It allows pausing Wi-Fi to do a quick status check
  • Eliminates WiFi dead zones and buffering 5,000 square feet of consistent coverage with speeds up to 30 Gbps
  • It is the most award-winning Mesh WiFi system on the planet: PC Mag, CNET, Wirecutter, Forbes, SmallNetBuilder
  • Simple setup with the Orbi app creates a guest network, access parental controls, perform speed tests

7. WeMo Insight Smart Plug

It should come as no surprise, but the WeMo Insight Smart Plug is actually a smart plug, and it is a robust IoT device. It can help to turn on the lights, turn household apparatuses on/off, and monitor them from any place you want.

Price: $49.99


  • It is easy to install this device. You’ll also have no problems with its usage
  • It is capable of creating special rules and schedules
  • WeMo smart plug is a cross-platform device, so it is compatible with both IOS and Android operating systems

8. Bitdefender BOX IoT Security Solution

Bitdefender Box is a reliable Internet of Things device as well. It is an outstanding representative of the “Smart Home” concept, and it is a Cybersecurity Hub. It can prevent different internet-connected devices from malware, identity theft, and other related problems.

Price: $179.99


  • It protects your devices from any kind of malware or cyber attack
  • This device has a unique parental control system

Bitdefender Box is a reliable Internet of Things device as well. Source:

9. Kuri Mobile Robot

Kuri is one of the first robotic solutions in the IoT sector, and it has become very popular. The developers of this robot claimed that it was designed for entertainment. Kuri interacts with the users and entertains them.

Price: $700


  • This device has capacitive touch sensors and an HD camera
  • It comes with embedded gestural mechanics and microphones
  • The robot is endowed with mapping sensors
  • Kuri has a powerful processor

10. August Smart Lock

This device is quite a reliable and popular one. The IoT smart lock guarantees the security of your house and has proven to be a robust solution. You can open/close your doors remotely, from any location.

Price: $220


  • Runs on digital keys system (no more stolen keys situations)
  • It pairs with August Doorbell Cam, which gives you even more security guarantees
  • A decent auto-unlock feature saves your time
  • The installation process is quite easy

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