Top 3 payment methods in Germany 2020: study

PayPal is also among them

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Top 3 payment methods in Germany 2020: study. Source:

Ecommerce News has found that purchase on account, PayPal, and direct debit are top 3 payment methods in Germany as of 2020.

In fact, 32.8% of all online payments in Germany happened through purchase on account in 2019. Besides, purchase on account gained last year more sales than in 2018.

The possible reason for a 1.5% increase in popularity could be that Amazon has been actively promoting this payment method to its customers.

PayPal ranked second among the payment methods with the highest turnover. It has a share of 20.2%, which is slightly more than the number three on the list, direct debit. This method has a share of 18.3%.

We’ve reported that the United Kingdom is expected to generate 25% of all digital payments in Europe.


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