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Top 7 metaverse companies operating in Ukraine

There are plenty of innovative solutions Ukrainian teams can bring to the world


Top 7 metaverse companies operating in Ukraine. Source:

Supporting Ukraine is not only about charity and hosting refugees. Ukrainian businesses have hard times maintaining their regular modes of operations too. Cooperation with Ukrainian businesses, organisations, and individuals can help boost the economy of the country devastated by the brutal invasion.

Before the war started, the tech sector had been booming in Ukraine, creating high-paying jobs and attracting hundreds of millions of dollars in foreign investment. Now most companies are being forced to relocate abroad. Nevertheless, they are continuing to develop brilliant products, including metaverse projects.

Here’s the list of the metaverse companies operating in Ukraine.


The startup offers virtual events hosted in a lively VR environment. Its services include corporate conferences, meetings, meaningful team-building parties and fun celebrations as well as Doge Temple – the online microverse devoted to Doge. The company also came up with a virtual fundraising event to help Ukraine.

Lucid Reality Labs

This tech consulting, design and development company focuses on immersive technology solutions for businesses. Its interactive AR, VR and MR experiences help healthcare specialists and educators to enhance their professional skills, creatively collaborate with the team and clients, as well as efficiently instruct the trainees remotely. The company also offers a few immersive solutions for entertainment and retail.

N-iX Game and VR Studio

Back in 2016, the N-iX team was already delivering VR and AR projects to clients from around the globe. Their VR solutions helped companies from various industries like oil and gas, energy, pharma, sports, manufacturing, and executive training to transform their businesses and extend capabilities.


The Kharkiv-based software development company builds apps that may be part of any existing metaverse ecosystem. It can produce the related metaverse programming for both commercial and internal platforms., including marketplaces. Program-Ace has developed dozens of games (many for VR/AR), and has a dedicated studio with game development experts and artists. Luckily, the team members were lucky to relocate from the bombarded city and continue their work from safe places.


Sensorama Studio specialises in the development of virtual and augmented reality applications, 3D modelling & animation, and 360 video production. The company combines an educational platform, a full-cycle production studio and an experimental space, where professionals from different fields collaborate to implement their groundbreaking projects. In 2021, it created the first metaverse & NFT demo project Metahotel.


MultiNFT is an NFT platform connecting musicians and artists with their fans through an interactive and curated Metaverse experience. It has virtual nightclubs in Decentraland’s festival district, CryptoVoxels, and Somnium Space, powered by $MNFT. The music quest game in Sandbox as well as more venues in Bloktopia and Netvrk are coming soon. As the Russian-Ukrainian war started, the company organised a virtual demonstration in the central place of the main Island in Cryptovoxels called Original City to support Ukraine.


DMarket is a blockchain-based marketplace for trading virtual items, game skins, and technologies used to create metaverses. The company builds bridges between the real and virtual worlds, creating a cross-chain platform that accumulates multiple metaverses for brands, influencers, video games, e-sports organisations, broadcasters and other organisations. Proprietary drop mechanics allows gamers and eSports fans to receive NFT items while streaming.


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