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Sharing your apartment, house or room is not the only way you can make extra money out of spare square metres. There are a number of non-residential premises people can rent with the help of these top sharing platforms.

Spacenow. This major Australian sharing resource allows you to rent all possible types of spaces: co-working offices or desks, event halls, kitchens, meeting rooms, studios, gardens, storage, parking places, pop-up stores, wall spaces, cafés, etc. Short-term rentals for businesses and individuals are made easy and diverse. With 2,000 spaces already listed, this startup aims to have 5,000 listings on the platform by the end of the year. The company focuses on Australia, New Zealand, and the Asia Pacific region. Australian tech giant Canva uses Spacenow to find suitable spaces for off-site meetings, photoshoots and marketing videos. The startup has also recently partnered with Dubai’s SEED Group. The Group first recognised the enormous potential of the Spacenow platform while the UAE was planning the upcoming Dubai 2020 Expo. The partnership is part of the expansion plan throughout the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. This will become the first multi-space short-term rental platform in the region so both sides see a lot of potential in this expansion.

JustPark is a technology platform that matches drivers with parking spaces through its website and mobile application. Today, their apps are helping over 1.5 million drivers find parking in seconds – and their technology helps over 20,000 property owners manage their parking assets more efficiently. Homeowners, churches, schools, hotels, pubs and commercial car parks can boost their income with this service. Drivers, in turn, can save time and money by parking closer to their destination, simultaneously avoiding the high charges of private car park companies or tickets for wrong on-street parking.

Stashbee. This platform is specifically designated for sharing storage areas. In terms of square footage, it’s the 8th largest storage provider in the UK. The spare spaces listed in this marketplace can range from a room or a lock-up in a house to an empty office, garage or warehouse. With this service, you can store your car, motorbike, furniture or household goods with local storage hosts. The startup also checks the identities of guests, handles payments and clarifies details about the items to store. The functionality of the automated platform includes listing creation, browse and book, messaging between users, automatic payment & invoicing, flexible cancellation and date changing, auto-ID checks, move-in & move-out support, etc. This year, the service has witnessed enormous growth. Their host network has grown by over 1130% while monthly recurring payments increased by over 680% within a year.

Hubble has recognised changing workspace needs of modern businesses which constantly fluctuate in a number of in-house employees. It helps both small and large companies to find flexible office spaces on short-term contracts by matching them with landlords and commercial space providers via its online marketplace. There are 4,670 office spaces currently available in London, the business hotspot. Hubble doesn’t charge companies for finding suitable spaces because they are paid by the landlords. Starting from office match up to moving day, their expert advisors can help with the entire office search. Their support ranges from giving recommendations and arranging viewings to driving negotiations.

SharedEarth. This platform connects landowners with gardeners and farmers. The service allows people to garden on your unused property and in return, you get a share of their crops. Shared Earth is a project of Sustainable America, a non-profit organisation with the mission to make America’s food and fuel systems more efficient and resilient. According to their estimates, there are over 40 million acres of unproductive land in residential backyards and commercial properties and over 19 million abandoned properties across the US. All that land can be put to good use by prospective farmers and gardeners.

Splacer is a site that allows you to rent traditional hosting spaces, as well as private spaces to host your short term business event, a party, a pop-up store, or production. You can rent anything from a loft in New York to the rarely used barn in someone’s backyard. Corporate clients can enjoy Splacer Business Class concierge services. They get access to exclusive spaces that aren’t available to the general public on website; location sourcing and help with venue selection from the helpful in-house scouting team; last minute, expedited booking support; as well as additional payment options.

Campspace. The platform for facilitating authentic camping experiences on private land. It has over 1000 micro-campsites to choose from, located on every continent except Antarctica. The search facility helps you find places for campervans or caravans, pet-friendly spaces, romantic venues, and a few very small commercial set-ups with special values of privacy and uniqueness. Shared micro-campsites vary enormously from a simple patch of grass for your tent to a choice of unique options, including shepherd’s huts, yurts and gypsy caravans. Customers’ reviews provide feedback on previous members’ camping experiences. Most hosts offer hot water and showers, many offer wifi and cooking facilities, and occasionally the service includes bicycles, lifts to the station, guided tours and hot meals.

LiquidSpace offers simple online booking of workspaces on flexible terms. Clients can rent suitable offices whether for 2 or 200 people. They can also have a customised office built for a specific team, tailored to their business. LiquidSpace is the largest, real-time network for office space, perfect for startups looking for a business tryout. This end-to-end digital platform for flexible office procurement combines powerful, technology-driven solutions with real-time space availability. It connects businesses with venue partners, space providers, real estate professionals and service providers. Companies can find spaces for their teamwork, short-term events, satellite offices, or project venues. Office search can be customised according to one’s very detailed wishes. For instance, you can check only offices with a nice window view, on-site restaurant, filtered water, or projectors available.


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