Top fintech & tech international events to attend in 2020

Which business, finance, and tech events are worth visiting in 2020 in order to catch up with the latest trends in above-mentioned areas


Top fintech & tech international events to attend in 2020. Source:

PaySpace Magazine has compiled a list of the most popular and prestigious international conferences on finance, digital technology, e-commerce and online business in 2020.


When: January 28-29

Where: Paris, France

Theme: Digital finance

Tickets: €560 – €2800

In 2020, the Paris Fintech Forum will be held for the fifth time in a row. The event will focus on digital finance and the Fintech industry. The conference is held with the support of the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, and is also supported by top managers of major financial companies.


When: February 11-13

Where: Berlin, Germany

Theme: Fintech

Tickets: £895 – £1595

This year FinovateEurope will be held for the first time in mainland Europe and will become a real pan-European Fintech event. Also in 2020, the company updated the format of the event. This year, the conference will be a three-day event.

The first day will be devoted to a series of individual events, which will allow visitors to focus on a specific area of financial technology. The next two days will be held in the form of a general report session consisting of seven-minute presentations of the latest Fintech innovations.


When: February 24-27

Where: Barcelona, Spain

Theme: Mobile communications

Tickets: €799 – €4999

MWC Barcelona is considered to be the largest event in the mobile technology industry. It is a conference where you can be the first to see mobile technology-related presentations and test the new flagship devices and solutions of leading manufacturers. The event combines two major parts: the presentation and testing of gadgets.

In 2020, the conference will be devoted to artificial intelligence, 5G communications, security, and other related areas.


When: March 5

Where: Riga, Latvia

Theme: E-commerce

Tickets: €210 – €250 (early booking offer)

ECOM21 gathers hundreds of participants from the Baltic countries, Central, Eastern and Western Europe, the CIS countries, Asia and other regions of the world, including top managers in the field of e-commerce.

This year, the event will focus on artificial intelligence technology in e-commerce.


When: May 19-20

Where: The Hague, Netherlands

Theme: Banking and payments industry

Tickets: TBA

EBAday is an event that provides an opportunity to learn about key trends and changes in the payment industry.

Interestingly, the conference often changes the venue. For example, in 2019, EBAday took place in Sweden (2018 – Germany, 2017 – Ireland).


When: June 16-18

Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Theme: Finance and Fintech

Tickets: €550 – €2592 (early booking offer)

Money20/20 Europe is the most famous Fintech conference. The event is aimed at studying and analyzing existing payment trends, as well as developing new models of financial behavior that will change the way we use money today.


When: July 3-8

Where: London, UK

Theme: Fintech

Tickets: £199 – £799

The main focus of Fintech Week is the future of financial services. This year, the experts will discuss the rapid development of neobanks, the entry of technology players into the financial arena, the possibilities of interaction between banks and Fintech players, decentralization in finance, as well as the prospects for such areas as RegTech and Insuretech.


When: September 4-9

Where: Berlin, Germany

Theme: Consumer electronics

Tickets: TBA

IFA is an event, where you can find the latest inventions in the field of consumer electronics. Manufacturers of various equipment (from smart wristbands to refrigerators) try to attract the attention of potential buyers and partners using the unusual and advanced functionality of these devices.


When: November 2-5

Where: Lisbon, Portugal

Theme: Online business

Tickets: €950

Forbes magazine called Web Summit the best Tech conference in the world. This event is dedicated to online business. Every year, it attracts CEOs and top managers of technology companies and startups in order to reflect on the future of the industry.

So, that’s it, you’ve just seen the list of the most popular conferences of this year. If you’ve decided to attend one (or even a couple of them), we advise you to buy entry tickets, as well as plane/bus/train ones and book housing beforehand. That will save you time and money.


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