UAE estimated government revenues for 2021

Total government expenditures are set at AED 57.1 billion

UAE revenues

UAE estimated government revenues for 2021. Source:

Dubai’s government is expected to achieve public revenues of AED52.314 billion. That’s despite the measures adopted by the government that would reduce some fees and freeze their growth.

According to data, these revenues are based on ongoing operations in the emirate and do not rely on oil revenues.

Oil revenues account for 4% of the total projected revenues for the fiscal year 2021. This is in addition to developing the government revenue structure, which will enhance financial sustainability.

As to the non-tax revenues, which come from fees, they account for 59% of the total expected revenues. Meanwhile, tax revenues account for 31%, and government investment revenues represent 6% of the total expected revenues.

We spare no effort in consolidating the competitiveness of the emirate’s government. We are keen to develop programs that improve public financial performance and achieve financial excellence. Dubai Government’s success in expanding smart financial collection applications enabled it to become more agile in dealing with the repercussions of the pandemic. Implementation of international accounting standards in the public sector had a significant impact in supporting the government decision-making process, ensuring the continuity of financial efficiency, and improving the quality and comprehensiveness of financial reports, in line with the Dubai Strategic Plan 2021
Jamal Hamed Al Marri, Executive Director of the Central Accounts Sector at DOF

We’ve reported that N7.77 trillion worth of secondary market (Open Market Operations, OMO) treasury bills were sold by the Central Bank of Nigeria.


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