Uber Eats quits Brazil

Uber Eats

Uber Eats quits Brazil. Source:

Uber will re-strategize delivery operations in Brazil. This means the delivery service provider will only retain packages and Cornershop grocery deliveries. Meanwhile, its food delivery service will be halted.

The brand will only work with Uber Flash and Cornershop. Uber Flash will be used to deliver packages while Cornershop by Uber will be used for the delivery of groceries from wholesalers, grocery stores and other specialty stores.

Brazil customers can access the food and delivery services until 7 March 2022. And after that, the UberEats app will only be used to purchase from wholesalers and grocery stores. It can also be used to purchase stationery products, décor products, pet items and beverages from Cornershop.

Cornershop, which is available in over 100 cities in Brazil by 2021, has tripled the number of orders. The delivery service provider will also expand Uber Direct, a product that facilitates same-day deliveries in stores to their customers.

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