UK city with highest growth in contactless spending unveiled

Over 7.4 million Brits are currently living a cashless life

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UK city with highest growth in contactless spending unveiled. Source:

According to the Gojo analysis, York has seen the most significant UK increase of 11% from the beginning of the pandemic to March 2021.

Amid the pandemic, social distancing remained a strong rule throughout, which led to 84% of payments in York being made by contactless cards.

Along with that, Plymouth residents saw an increase in contactless payments as well, with 82% of all payments last year being made by contactless cards.

The South West city had a year-on-year increase of 11%, placing it at number two on our ranking.

London ranks third, where 85% of shoppers have used contactless card payments throughout 2019-2020, a 10% year-on-year rise.

Despite the UK has seen a massive increase in contactless payments, Hull saw the most significant increase of people paying using Apple and Google Pay since 2020 for purchases above the £45 contactless card limit.

This increased by a massive 646.8% during the pandemic, which saw 4.67% of all transactions using some form of contactless payment (Apple, Google, and Samsung Pay) in 2020.

In second place is Northampton, with contactless payments increasing by almost 482%. Of all contactless payments made, 6.78% of all transactions were made using Apple, Google, and Samsung Pay.

Plymouth also followed suit as one of the fastest cities in the UK to adopt digital contactless payments, as there was an increase of 475.5% since last year. Between 2020 and 2021, 5.25% of all transactions were made with Apple, Google, and Samsung Pay.

We’ve reported that half of the executives don’t see a return to pre-pandemic life until 2022.


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