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UK entrepreneurs offered a blueprint for the next government

Support of Britain’s entrepreneurs means support of the whole British economy


UK entrepreneurs offered a blueprint for the next government. Source:

The Entrepreneurs Network and Coalition for a Digital Economy (Coadec) have identified 21 policies entrepreneurs truly need from the next government, compiling The Startup Manifesto. Now authors announced that over 250 leading entrepreneurs have backed it.

In terms of policies, for example, Manifesto states that companies require access to talent specialists both from the UK and abroad.

Secondly, the government should provide the right tax incentives to foster and grow early-stage businesses, then access to the capital needed to scale them. What is more, businesses need a clear and simple set of rules and regulations that would encourage new startup business models.

At the same time, the involvement of the best specialists requires the reformation of the visa system to avoid bureaucracy. In addition to that, businesses would benefit from tax reliefs streamlining so that they can get timely investments. Along with that, early-stage businesses could get more funding due to pension regulations reformation.

The Manifesto supporters believe that the above-mentioned policies would be good for the country as well as new and existing startups.


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