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UK should prioritize citizens’ wellbeing over economic prosperity: survey

The survey is based on responses of 2,061 UK adults


UK should prioritize citizens’ wellbeing over economic prosperity: survey. Source:

PositiveMoney conducted a survey revealing that 82% of Brits think the UK should prioritize the wellbeing of citizens over economic growth amid the pandemic. At the same time, while just 12% of them opted for economic growth, with 7% saying they don’t know.

Besides, over 6 in 10 opted for improved social and environmental outcomes, while fewer than a third chose more economic growth.

With the coronavirus crisis hitting after a decade of anaemic economic growth, we are heading towards a ‘post-growth’ economy whether we like it or not. We have a choice of whether this will mean mass unemployment, deepening inequality and lower quality of life for all, or whether we want to ensure that people are able to live longer, happier lives while avoiding catastrophic climate collapse
Fran Boait, executive director of Positive Money

We’ve reported that 33% of US respondents’ monthly income goes toward paying debts off, exclusive of mortgages. Besides, 13% of Americans expect to be in debt for the rest of their lives.

The data highlights there are some positive indications that suggest Americans have been making progress in managing and decreasing debt over the last years.

For instance, the total average debt among those who have it has been slowly declining from over $38,000 in 2018 to $29,800 in 2019 to $26,621 this year.


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