COVID-19 vaccine

UK to pilot digital COVID-19 immunity and vaccination passports

The companies aim to complete two trials by March 2021

COVID-19 immunity and vaccination passports

UK to pilot digital COVID-19 immunity and vaccination passports. Source:

Brits are to participate in a pilot of digital COVID-19 immunity and vaccination passports developed by Mvine and iProov, the biometric and identity technology providers.

The Mvine-iProov passport allows users to register and confirm a test result or vaccination status of a person without revealing their identity.

According to the report, the Mvine-iProov passport can be connected to existing NHS infrastructure to meet the special needs of local Public Health Directors and any general national requirements.

The Mvine-iProov passport was with a total investment of £75,000 from Innovate UK following the request for ideas announcement in April 2020.

This investment in innovation in the UK is expected to help businesses and employees get back to work, as well as enable close ones to reconnect faster and more responsibly.

Without the need for an extensive new infrastructure, the Directors of Public Health will learn how our innovation is used to promote public health and protect citizen privacy. Unlike some other digital solutions for COVID-19, this technology reduces the burden on frontline services and cost-effectively assures a secure and safe way to enable the return to work, return to school and return to the kind of life that people want to lead
Frank Joshi, Director at Mvine 

We’ve reported that Pfizer-BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccine, BNT-162b2, is expected to generate $30 billion in sales by 2026, with peak sales of $13.9 billion in 2021


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