UK Uber drivers are now classified as workers

They will also get holiday pay equivalent to over 12% of earnings bi-monthly

Uber workers

UK Uber drivers are now classified as workers. Source:

According to, the drivers in the UK will now be paid the minimum wage. However, this will be based on the time they start trips as opposed to when they log in to the Uber app.

This follows the UK supreme court rule on 19th February 2021 that mandated the classification of drivers as workers as opposed to self-employed persons. This gave approximately 70,000 Uber drivers the right to be remunerated based on the national minimum wage. The drivers will also be entitled to rest breaks and minimum holiday remuneration not forgetting protection from whistleblowing and unlawful discrimination.

The drivers can now enroll in a pension scheme as well.

They will now earn $8.72 an hour, which is the National Living Wage. However, this only applies to the time the drivers accept a trip to the completion of the trip via the app.

However, as per the Supreme Court judgment, Uber drivers are workers from the time they log into the app up to the time they log off. This means they should be remunerated as long as they are active on the app not just when a customer boards via the app.

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