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Smart clothing is expected to be worth over $4B by 2030

The pandemic has significantly affected the smart clothing market

smart clothes

Smart clothing is expected to be worth over $4B by 2030. Source:

GlobalData has found that clothes and footwear with integrated sensors that transmit biometric information and other datasets are likely to be worth over $4 billion by 2030.

Nowadays, smart clothing is largely targeted at people interested in health and fitness. Nevertheless, the sports, healthcare, and military industries will become key users in the coming years as the value in continuous monitoring of physical activity is recognized. The industry will pass the $1 billion revenue mark by 2023, the report states.

As of 2020, the sector was worth $668 million in 2020, and the 10 -year period will see growth at a compound annual growth rate of 21%.

Progress in areas such as electronic textiles, artificial intelligence (AI), motion tracking, and haptics will drive growth in the smart clothing market. Currently, smart clothing products are targeted at consumers, particularly people interested in health and fitness. However, the sports, healthcare and military industries will become key users of smart clothing in the coming years, valuing the technology’s ability to provide continuous monitoring of physical activity. For now, the smart clothing industry is awaiting investment from leading technology and apparel companies. This will improve the products’ capabilities and influence market adoption, a pressing concern for today’s smart clothing vendors
Rupantar Guha, Associate Project Manager for Thematic Research at GlobalData

We’ve reported that smart clothing is expected to overtake the fitness wearable sector.


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