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UnionPay service now covers 176 countries and regions

Over 28 million merchants across the globe accept UnionPay

UnionPay service now covers 176 countries and regions. Source:

As the national holiday approaches, outbound tourism from China is expecting its peak time. To meet this drastic demand, UnionPay International announced today that merchants in countries including Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Chile began to accept UnionPay cards for the first time, contributing to the total number of countries and regions covering UnionPay service to 176. Financial institutions in Bahrain, Madagascar began to the total number of UnionPay cards issued outside mainland China surpasses 120 million cards.

According to UPI, UnionPay is now accepted by over 28 million merchants across the globe. In Asia, UnionPay payment is available in about 90% of the merchants; UnionPay cards can be used in 90% of countries and regions in Europe. Meanwhile, some 90% of merchants in the US and Australia now accept payments with UnionPay credit cards. Statistics from UPI also reveal a growing acceptance rate in emerging travel destinations such as Russia, where the overall acceptance rate of UnionPay card will reach 100% within the year; 80% of merchants in Africa accept UnionPay payments.

In addition to expanding acceptance, UnionPay cards are increasingly versatile. Statistics from UPI show that over 70 international airlines now accept online purchases made via UnionPay cards. In some 20 popular destinations for self-driving tour, travelers can pay the rent for vehicles with UnionPay cards. Among the 10 top hospitality brands, the acceptance of UnionPay has surpassed 70%. UnionPay is also accepted Chinese embassies and consulates in 31 countries and regions.

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