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US city reports savings after launching mobile ticketing

Access-IS VAL100 validators were launched on over 200 buses, enabling riders to scan their mobile tickets through the MyJTA app

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US city reports savings after launching mobile ticketing. Source:

According to the report, the rise in mobile utilization led to a significant decrease in the number of physical tickets printed in Jacksonville. This way, the country managed to save over $40,000 on print and paper costs in one year.

In addition to that, mobile ticketing decreases the authority’s reliance on expensive ticket vending machines and reduces administrative and maintenance processes.

Besides, Access-IS, the UK-based company that develops electronic systems in the ticket reading and validation sector, has partnered with Passport and the Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA). Together, they aim to modernize the ticketing ecosystem in the city.

Everything we do at JTA is with the customer in mind. This app and the on-board hardware give customers more choice, more flexibility and improves the customer experience. For the JTA, it’s much more cost-efficient and it prepares us for the future
Greg Hayes, CFO, Jacksonville Transportation Authority


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