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US holiday season expects big jump in store credit cards applications

More Americans are going to apple for store credit cards this holiday season

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US holiday season expects big jump in store credit cards applications. Source:

According to the report, a lot more Americans are likely to apply for a store credit card this holiday season compared to 2018.

That’s despite the fact that 56% of people who say they’ve had a store credit card say they’ve regretted getting one. In 2019, just 46% of consumers regretted getting a store card.

The data reveals that 44% of Americans are at least somewhat likely to apply for a store card during the holiday shopping season. That’s up from 32% in 2019 and 24% in 2018.

Besides, 49% of those who have had a store-branded credit card currently have debt related to that card.

At the same time, 63% of consumers said that they’d felt pressured by a sales associate in the past to sign up for a new store card.

Nearly half of those who said they felt pressured in the past did actually sign up for the card because of that pressure.

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