Visa Approves the first SDK from phos

Fintech phos had its proprietary Software Development Kit (SDK) officially approved by Visa



As the Fintech Times reported, Phos, the fintech behind the software-only Point of Sale system (SoftPoS), has become the first solution provider to meet new Visa requirements with its Software Development Kit (SDK).

SDK is a set of software tools and programs used by developers to create applications for specific platforms. Approval from Visa means a lot for the UK-based fintech which has become the first provider globally to meet the Visa Ready Tap to Phone Solution Requirements, version 1.8. 

In particular, now phos’s partners and customers save time as they don’t need to submit their solutions to a PCI-certified lab for review. The review process can take several weeks, or even longer. Moreover, partners reduce the high fees associated with testing new integrations in the labs.

The approved version of SDK is the second attempt of the fintech. It will enable businesses to create their own SoftPoS apps. The technology allows accepting card payments directly on any NFC-enabled Android phone or mobile device, without additional hardware.

“We are proud to have become the first solution provider to meet Visa’s requirements with our new SDK. This is a noteworthy achievement, and it allows us to deliver great products to our customers and partners. At phos, we’re constantly identifying ways to innovate and challenge ourselves and being recognised and approved by Visa for our efforts is rewarding and reassuring of the great work we do.”
Brad Hyett, CEO of phos


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