Visa partners Asian e-wallet

The e-wallet will also join Visa’s Fintech Fast Track program

Visa e-wallet

Visa partners Asian e-wallet. Source:

Visa has announced a partnership with Malaysia-based fintech KiplePay. This way, the e-wallet will improve its offerings including cash withdrawals and issuing Visa prepaid cards.

Besides KiplePay will get access to 61 million merchants in more than 200 countries.

E-wallet’s customers can make online and offline transactions within a single app. They can also use features like loyalty programs, mobile discounts, and P2P transfers.

This new collaboration will allow e-wallet users and white label customers of KiplePay to tie their e-wallet offerings with a physical or virtual Visa card.

We’ve reported that Visa and India-based company Zaggle teamed up in order to support different payment solutions for local SMEs. This way, businesses can use Zaggle’s applications for automating routine processes and decreasing operational costs.