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Visa Signature vs. Visa Infinite: comparison

The comparison of two Visa premium programs

Visa Signature vs. Visa Infinite: comparison. Source:

Today PaySpace Magazine would like to talk about Visa, specifically about the cards the company offers. In this article, we will consider two premium Visa cards: Visa Signature and Visa Infinite. Our main point is to understand what you can get if you apply for one of these cards, and determine which card offers more perks.

So, we have two options here: the Signature program or Infinite’s. Basically, every credit card is endowed with some unique features/benefits, and it depends on the card issuer (the bank/credit union/financial institution, which issues the card). Moreover, a client receives more bonuses and perks when it comes to premium programs. And, it would also be right to say that the more “luxury” the program is, the more benefits you will get. Now let’s get back to the Visa programs: both are premium cards, thus they can offer much more than a standard card. Generally, such a card usually includes multiple bonuses for cardholders. It can be trip cancellation along with lost luggage insurance, as well as being even a discount at tennis/golf/etc classes, posh bars/wineries discount offers, and personal driver services.

Now you might want to ask “What is the difference between the two programs, if eventually both of them are premium and supposed to be beneficial?” First of all, you are right. Both of these offers are really beneficial to a cardholder, and include a lot of valuable merits. And to answer your question, there is a difference between the two programs. Visa Infinite is a tier above Visa Signature. The latter offers decent perks beyond those of a standard/entry-level card, but Infinite’s program gives larger discounts, higher credits, and many more things and services.

Nonetheless, you should remember one important thing. If you own a Visa Signature/Infinite card, it doesn’t mean you get all the available bonuses and benefits automatically. The reason for such a mix-up is the fact that it all depends on the financial institution/bank that issues this particular card. The issuing bank is the institution that determines which bonuses and merits will be offered (and apparently, which are not).

Visa Signature

visa signature

Let’s consider the most significant benefits of Visa Signature program.

Note: most benefits depend on the issuer.

Rental car accident/collision insurance: Basically, it is secondary insurance, which guarantees reimbursement in cases of damage/accident/theft, reasonable/customary towing, and loss-of-use charges in the case of rental cars. In other words, this option covers extra expenses that cannot be covered by your current car insurance.

Roadside dispatch: You can use this bonus in case you are stuck on the road. The service includes towing, tyre changing, etc.

Baggage delay: If you didn’t receive your baggage due to the fact that it was delayed/misdirected for more than four hours, you are eligible to purchase necessities amounting up to $300 (this sum will be reimbursed).

Lost luggage: You will receive the difference between the “value of the amount claimed” and the Common Carrier’s payment. The maximum amount is $3,000 per trip.

Trip delay: It is possible to receive up to $300 that is supposed to cover costs in case you are stuck (for no less than twelve hours).

Emergency medical and dental insurance: Visa will cover these costs while you are travelling (up to $2,500).

Emergency evacuation: This option will cover your medical treatment/transportation if you are injured or sick when travelling (up to $10,000).

Travel and emergency assistance: If you face a problem during a trip, you should know that you have access to a 24/7 call centre that will try to solve your problem as soon as possible. For instance, if you have lost your passport, you will be connected with the relevant local authorities and institutions.

Concierge service: It’s all in the name, so you just have to know that you will get decent concierge service.

Purchase security and return protection: It covers the situation when something you buy is stolen or damaged within the first 90 days. Replacement, repairing/refurbishment, or reimbursement works up to $500.

Visa Infinite

visa infinite

This program offers the same bonuses that Visa Signature guarantees, but most of them are boosted in this package. Moreover, Visa Infinite adds a few extra features.

Airport lounge access: Enjoy VIP access to over 1,200+ airport lounges around the globe with Priority Pass. (Visa Signature cardholders only have access to 850 airport lounges.)

Primary auto rental collision damage waiver: It’s somewhat similar to Visa Signature rental insurance, but the major difference is that it is primary cover. It means you don’t have to use your own car insurance if something bad happens.

Trip delay: It works like the one from the Visa Signature program. However, you’ll receive $500 for up to six hours.

Purchase security and return protection: Here, the same rules apply (we mean as for the Visa Signature card). However, the cover is better. This option gives you Purchase Security up to $10,000, while the return protection covers up to $300.

Emergency medical evacuation: Visa will cover up to $100,000 for emergency evacuation when a cardholder travels.

Trip cancellation or interruption: In this case, you are guaranteed to receive up to $2,000 per Insured Person.

The bottom line

Both offers are great and guarantee a lot of perks. If you still have some doubts about the choice between Signature and Infinite programs, you should consider all the differences between them. In other words, ask yourself whether it is worth applying for Visa Infinite and will you actually use all these bonuses in real life?


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