Walmart revealed how much money its solution saved consumers 

Walmart will soon provide more payout methods for its customers


Walmart revealed how much money its solution saved consumers. Source:

Walmart has been providing a domestic money transfer service called Walmart2Walmart since 2014, and Walmart2World since 2018. The retailer announced those consumers who have used its platforms from the very beginning altogether saved an estimated $1 billion.

As to the plans, Walmart has also announced the collaboration with MoneyGram and Ria to create money transfer principals, an international money transfer marketplace serving all 4,700 US Walmart stores.

When we launched Walmart2Walmart and Walmart2World, our goal was to create a platform with money transfer principals that enabled customers to have more choice when transferring money to friends and family around the country and the world. The addition of Ria to Walmart2World, which creates a competitive platform for exchange rates that we believe will help deliver more value, is simply the next step on our journeyrn
Wilbert Noronha, Vice President, Financial Services, Walmart US

Soon the customers using Walmart2World will have a choice either of MoneyGram or Ria while making cross-border purchases.


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