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Walmart to acquire virtual fitting room platform

Walmart brings new social and inclusive experience to its marketplace

Walmart Zeekit

Walmart to acquire virtual fitting room platform. Source:

Walmart has unveiled its plan to acquire Zeekit, an Israeli company that combines fashion and technology through its dynamic virtual fitting room platform.

Through Zeekit’s technology, customers will be able to virtually try on items from Walmart’s growing assortment of national and exclusive brands.

When the experience is live on, customers will upload their picture or choose from a series of models that best represent their height, shape, and skin tone to instantly see themselves in any item of clothing, mimicking the experience of trying on clothes in a store.

They can even share their virtual outfits with friends for a second opinion. This brings an inclusive and social experience to digital shopping.

Zeekit uses real-time image processing to map a person’s image into thousands of segments. Clothing is processed in a similar manner and the equivalent points of the two are mapped into one final simulation.

Given its scalability, Zeekit’s technology can also be used to create other fashion experiences, including the ability to build the virtual closet and mix and match clothing seamlessly.

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