Walmart Launches Gamified Marketplace

Walmart and Amazon are long-time competitors that strive to gain young customers, from time to time offering solutions designed to improve their positions in this market struggle.

Walmart Launches Gamified Marketplace

Walmart Chief Marketing Officer William White posted a message on the LinkedIn virtual platform this week about the launch of the Walmart Realm. In this case, a gamified marketplace is meant. The corresponding platform, which is likely to become a major component of the Walmart digital ecosystem, will provide consumers with access to more immersive virtual shops. The gamified marketplace is focused on matching the purchasing tendencies that are observed in the social media space.

William White says that Walmart Realm is a first-of-its-kind digital shopping experience with virtual shops led by influencers in immersive worlds. Separately, in this context, such an aspect of launching a gamified marketplace as expanding the boundaries of the possible was noted.

It is worth noting that scaling the practical possibilities of consumers in the context of digital interaction with brands operating only or among others in the virtual space is a promising solution. Currently, there is what can be described as a kind of online transition. In this case, it means a process in which commercial companies pay significant attention to ensuring their strong and full-fledged presence in the virtual space from a functional point of view. Against this background, it is obvious that the beneficiaries of the online transition will be those brands that provide consumers with the most impressive experience in the digital environment.

Currently, Walmart Realm already has three virtual shops that sell fashion and beauty goods. The relevant activities are carried out in fantastic 2-dimensional virtual environments.

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