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Spreedly Launches Partnership With NuORDER

The open payments platform Spreedly announced the beginning of an expansioned partnership with B2B commerce company NuORDER by Lightspeed.

Spreedly Launches Partnership With NuORDER

According to the information contained in the message, which was published this week on the blog Spreedly, the mentioned collaboration is focused on using mechanisms designed to leverage advanced payments vaulting solutions. At the same time, the ultimate goal of the partnership between the two companies is to ensure a high level of protection of confidential customer information when making wholesale transactions.

Nuorder’s B2B platform powers wholesale buying and selling. This functional system provides brands with the opportunity to create their own wholesale websites where retail customers can browse products, make purchases in real time, and plan the assortment.

It is worth noting that NuORDER is a long-time customer of Spreedly. Currently, this interaction is expanding. By scaling partnerships, NuORDER offers its customers access to Spreedly’s new Advanced Vault. It is expected that the corresponding solution will increase the number of successful transactions. Also, in this case, the cost of managing the vault will be reduced and the quality of the wholesale buying experience will improve.

Joe Meuse, vice president of product at Spreedly, says that for platforms like NuORDER, which support the unique payment needs of more than 3,000 brands, using an open transaction platform makes it possible not only to meet demand in its existing configuration but also to prepare the payment stack for adjustment as consumer preferences evolve.

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