DoorDash Scales Ulta Partnership to All 50 States

DoorDash announced the expansion of its partnership with Ulta Beauty, which is already three years old.

DoorDash Scales Ulta Partnership to All 50 States

The mentioned delivery service, headquartered in San Francisco, in a press release published last Monday, May 20, announced the launch of on-demand and same-day delivery of cosmetic products from more than 1,350 locations in all 50 regions of the United States.

The collaboration between the two companies is what can be called Ulta’s introduction to consumers shopping on the DoorDash trading platform. The expansion of partnerships means that, for the first time, all customers of the delivery service in the United States will have access to cosmetics brands whose products are presented on a platform that is part of the functional structure of the delivery service.

The press release notes that Ulta is currently the largest beauty retailer in the United States and a leading consumer destination. This company adds more than 25,000 products from more than 600 brands to the delivery service platform.

The press release also notes that DoorDash is currently recording an increase in demand for convenience and on-demand delivery in the beauty area and other scaling retail categories. The company separately underlined that nowadays its customers are making more orders that are not related to restaurants than ever before.

This year Fuad Hannon, vice president of new verticals at DoorDash, said during a conversation with media representatives that the firm had made the transition from a restaurant delivery service to a brand that fulfills on-demand orders in categories such as beauty. He stated that consumers are currently turning to the company for recommendations, within which they need a very quick response. For example, customers inform the virtual platform that they have run out of certain products. To meet the relevant needs, DoorDash provides 30-minute delivery on-demand. Fuad Hannon stated that the company is very pleased that beauty offers it to consumers who are beginning to perceive the platform of the firm as a functional environment where anyone can order not only groceries, alcohol, or dishes from restaurants but also products of other categories.

This year, DoorDash also announced the addition of several beauty merchants to its platform, partnering with Sally Beauty and MAC Cosmetics, and expanding existing partnerships with Sephora.

Fuad Hannon underlined past positive reception from beauty customers. He noted that this category of goods is valuable and helps to form the foundation for the future expansion of retail sales vertically. Fuad Hannon also stated that consumers most often search for and add products related to the mentioned type to their delivery.

The results of special studies have shown that in the United States, beauty customers, for the most part, disproportionately increase their engagement in the digital space. Relevant thematic surveys have shown that approximately 40% of them are likely to increase their purchases of goods on virtual platforms over the next 12 months. Also last year in the United States, it was recorded that about half of customers began to buy health and buy goods less often in stores.

DoorDash was founded in 2013. In 2020, this company conducted an initial public offering (IPO). The functional system of the firm offers a wide range of customer interaction options. For example, in the public domain, everyone can find information on the following query – how to pay cash on DoorDash? The company also pays attention to its technological development. For example, in 2021, DoorDash announced the acquisition of Chowbotics, a designed robot for making salads.

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