What is VisaNet and how to connect to it

Find out how VisaNet stands out from similar payment processing systems

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How much time do you need to travel from one part of the world to the other? A few hours at least. But guess what? Your money travels much faster and safer than you. It can overcome the same distance in a fraction of a second, almost at the speed of light. It’s securely protected by tokenization and encryption technologies on this trip. Instant international transactions are enabled by numerous payment processing systems.

VisaNet stands out from similar payment processing systems with its high speed (over 65 thousand transactions per second), enormous scalability (over 65 million merchants in 200 hundred countries and territories of the world), and a spotless reputation of the renowned company.

What’s VisaNet

VisaNet is a global online system that processes money transfers. Founded in the early 1970s, VisaNet has been continually improving, refining and expanding. Visa invested hundreds of millions of U.S. dollars in this network to ensure it remains ahead of the growing demand for secure and reliable electronic payments.

VisaNet provides domestic and international processing of credit, debit, prepaid, and commercial payment products. The data processing takes place in synchronised, state-of-the-art data centres connected through 1,600 secure network endpoints linked by 1.2 million miles of fibre-optic lines.

Visa is currently the second-largest global payment card company. According to RBR’s Global Payment Cards Data and Forecast’s report, the company has a 32% market share, second only to China’s UnionPay with 37%, and followed by MasterCard with 20%.

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Visa is currently the second-largest global payment card company. Source:

Visa was one of the leaders in’s inaugural Payment Innovation Index, which looks at the number of payment innovation patents granted to the company, the number of acquisitions and investments made in cutting-edge payment companies, media coverage identifying the company as an innovator in payments and a survey of 2,000 payment industry professionals. Visa’s No. 2 ranking is very close to Apple’s victorious position. The difference is so small that if the companies were runners in a competition, one would have to check the camera’s footage a few times in order to distinguish the winner.

However, their good reputation and constant updates don’t make VisaNet system perfect.

VisaNet is a centralised system. Current blockchain technologies are popular exactly because they aim to eliminate one-party domination in financial services.


VisaNet provides worldwide telecommunications and payment data processing, authorises and settles payments, and offers a range of value-added services such as risk management and fraud control services.

It doesn’t simply sign off an amount of money from the client’s credit card balance. It estimates possible financial risks, it makes an assessment of the fraud chances, and it clears or denies a transaction. All this happens 24/7 in all corners of the world within a fraction of a second.

The data is securely protected by tokenization protocols so that merchants don’t have to store any sensitive data. It makes the payment processing quite affordable and creates opportunities in developing countries.

How to connect to VisaNet

To connect receiving payments from Visa cards, corporate clients need to open a business account. There are a number of European banks and banks in other countries that provide the opportunity to open a corporate account with a further connection to VisaNet.

Connection to VisaNet is carried out independently in one of the bank’s branches. The probability of opening an account for a non-resident company in most financial institutions is low, therefore, we recommend registering a business in the country with the maximum number of contractors and opening an account in the same country.

Another way to connect to VisaNet is through Visa Developer APIs. Source:

Another way to connect to VisaNet is through Visa Developer APIs.

Its launch is a historic milestone in the history of Visa because, for several decades, the largest VisaNet payment network has been closed for use by any external organisations. Connection to it was allowed only from banks, as direct participants in the payment system, and from those financial institutions that have the ability to process their payment transactions.

But recently, in connection with the development of IT technologies, as a response to the opening of systems by other fintech giants like Google, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, Apple and others, Visa turned its network into an open platform with standardised access through the corresponding Visa Developer portal.

Within the framework of this portal, any person and any company can start using a selected API in order to develop new products and services, and offer them together with banks to end users. Be it customer-cardholders, be it retail outlets operating on the Internet, mobile commerce representatives or physical sellers of goods and services.


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