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5 Tax Deductions You May Not Know About

Trying to get the biggest tax refund possible this year? You can save money and, in certain situations, increase your refund by examining your financial situation to see if you qualify for tax deductions and credits. Your adjusted gross income, which is required to determine how much tax you owe, could be reduced if you qualify for specific self-employed tax deductions. One tax deduction that you might not be aware of is the ability to claim a tax deduction if you utilize streaming services like Netflix for any reason. Additionally, a 1099 tax calculator can be used if you’re unsure how much tax Netflix is charging. In order to assist you, a list of the top 5 tax advantages for most taxpayers has been compiled in this manual.

Streamers’ costs are as follows:

Tax preparation fees and investment management fees are those that can no longer be written off. The IRS considers rent, travel, and equipment to be proper business costs. On the other hand, you’ll use it for private purposes like watching Netflix, talking to loved ones, and so forth. Right now, Netflix is the most well-known streaming service in the world. Despite the initially modest cost of a subscription, the price can rise quickly. Rarely, it may even be eligible for a tax deduction. What taxes are owed by Netflix, and how much of them? 

An object must unmistakably fulfill a professional role for you in order for it to be qualified for a deduction or write-off. The IRS defines a cost as a business expense as one that is both usual and necessary. You might be able to write off the cost of Netflix or another streaming service if you believe it to be crucial to your trade or business. Consider how long you stream or edit films when estimating how much is used for personal or professional purposes. If you stream for 70 hours a week out of a possible 168, you are using around 40% of your internet for work. You won’t use more than 10% of your internet bandwidth for your business if you stream for money for just two hours a week. Take these actions to calculate your Netflix tax.

Can be used to reduce mortgage interest:

Mortgage interest payments may be considerable, particularly in the early years of the loan’s life. You can purchase a property starting in 2018 by reducing your AGI by the amount of mortgage interest you paid on loans up to $1 million, or $750,000. The federal government created the mortgage for self-employed deduction to increase house ownership opportunities.

Interest on student loans is deductible:

If you paid interest on student loans in 2018, you can deduct up to $2,500 from your taxable income. The tax deduction is not allowed if you are the borrower but are counted as a dependent on your parent’s taxes. Income restrictions exist, and the benefit begins to decrease if it exceeds $65,000.

State and local tax deductions:

For a total of up to $10,000 in state and local taxes, the federal government offers a write-off to residents in high-income or high-property tax jurisdictions. Real estate, income, and purchase-related taxes are all types of taxes.

The IRA deductions Contributions:

Contributions made to a standard IRA may be tax deductible for some taxpayers. However, whether you or your spouse participate in a self-employed retirement plan and your income level will determine whether the deduction is available to you and to what degree.

The results are in:

Before submitting your federal tax return, seek advice from professionals who can help you obtain tax write-offs, such as FlyFin. You will also be informed of any additional deductions that are available to you. Each year, there are adjustments made to the criteria for these five tax deductions, so be sure to refer back for the most latest information. Or keep an eye out for additional tax breaks, such as the one for meals and entertainment or business trips.

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