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Lugano Business Forum in Support of Ukrainian Business

The two-day event organized by the Ukrainian-Swiss business association will gather about 500 industry leaders, innovators, investors and government officials from all over Europe

On May 11-12, the Lugano Business Forum (LBF) will be held in Lugano, Switzerland — a meeting of business communities from Ukraine and several European countries to exchange experience and establish partnerships. The meeting was initiated by the Ukrainian-Swiss Business Association and the Swiss Federation for small and medium-sized enterprises  SGV-USAM together with the Blockchain Association of Ukraine with the support of the Lugano City Hall and the Embassy of Ukraine in Switzerland.

The LBF forum will help the European business community gain comprehensive and professional information about opportunities and projects in collaboration with Ukrainian businesses, and provide Ukrainian entrepreneurs with a platform to present their plans to a specialized audience and explore opportunities for European expansion. The main mission of LBF as a representative of Ukrainian-Swiss collaboration is to provide foreign companies and capital with access to the largest global project of the next decade: the reconstruction and transformation of post-war Ukraine.

Among the participants of the forum are owners and business leaders from Ukraine, Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria, and Italy, as well as representatives of state and local authorities and specialized business associations.

Investors’ interest is as high as possible, and we record a further increase in the interest of large capital in investments in Ukraine. This is connected, on the one hand, with a full understanding of the outcome of the war and the subsequent boom of the Ukrainian economy, and on the other hand, with the prospects of Ukraine’s rapid membership in the European Union,” convinced Dmytro Sidenko, co-organizer of the Lugano Business Forum and President of the Ukrainian-Swiss Business Association.

During the LBF, coordination mechanisms will be formed in the fields of energy and production; FoodTech; Digital, Fintech & IT; HealthTech & Biotech; construction and development; venture capital and startups; mining and extraction of raw materials.

The Forum was a response to the increasing requests we have been receiving from European businesses over the last 12 months regarding the possibilities of implementing reconstruction projects in Ukraine, noted Michael Chobanyan, co-organizer of the Lugano Business Forum and President of the Blockchain Association of Ukraine.

Among the speakers:

  • Erwin Bollinger, Head of Bilateral Economic Relations Division and Federal Council Delegate for Trade Agreements, State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO;
  • Hervé Lohr, Minister, Deputy Head Bilateral Economic Relations and Head Americas – Ukraine Recovery Coordination, State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO
  • Michael Kukhar, Senior Economist of Ukraine Economic Outlook, member of the economic headquarters of the Ukrainian Gov; 
  • Henrique Schneider, Director of the Swiss Federation of Small and Medium Enterprises SGV-USAM;
  • Boris Shestopalov, co-owner of HD-group and GFS GROUP, Expert in AgriFood (Food Security, Ready Meals);
  • Paolo Bortoli, Deputy CFO and Member of the City’s Blockchain & Crypto Task Force / Lugano’s Plan ₿ at City of Lugano;
  • Viktoriya Tigipko, Founder and Managing Partner in TA Ventures, Chair of the Supervisory Board  in the Ukrainian Startup Fund;
  • Alfred F. Praus, General Secretary of International Council of Business Associations and Chambers in Ukraine;
  • Sergii Naumov, Chairman of the board of Ukrainian State Bank “Oschadbank”;
  • Igor Liski, Chairman of the Supervisory Board EFI Group (Effective Investments Group of Companies);
  • Bernd Oswald, Co-Founder and VP Business Development & M&A at GROPYUS,
    and others. 


For participation and additional information:

Accreditation and media comms: Aliona Guseva,

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