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How many bank holiday in Canada

Bank holidays in Canada are determined at the provincial and territorial levels, resulting in variations across different regions. This means that each province and territory may have its own unique holidays, making the holiday calendar diverse and vibrant.

How many bank holiday in Canada

It’s important to note that certain regions might observe additional holidays not recognized elsewhere, adding even more diversity to the holiday landscape. Moreover, the dates of holidays may differ between provinces and territories, further contributing to the richness of the Canadian holiday experience. To obtain accurate information about holidays in Canada, it’s advisable to consult the specific province or territory of interest for precise dates and details. By doing so, you can fully immerse yourself in the unique traditions and celebrations that each region has to offer. Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that while some holidays are recognized at the federal level and celebrated nationwide, others are exclusive to specific regions. This adds to their uniqueness and significance, as these region-specific holidays hold special cultural and historical importance to the people who celebrate them.

Common national bank holidays in Canada 2024

  1. January, 1 – Monday – New Year’s Day
  2. March, 29 – Friday – Good Friday
  3. April, 1 – Monday – Easter Monday
  4. May, 20 – Monday – Victoria Day
  5. July, 1 – Monday – Canada day
  6. August, 5 – Monday – Civic Holiday
  7. September, 2 – Monday – Labour Day
  8. September, 30 – Monday – National Day for Truth and Reconciliation
  9. October, 13 – Monday – Thanksgiving Day
  10. November, 11 – Monday – Remembrance Day
  11. December, 25 – Wednesday – Christmas Day
  12. December, 26 – Thursday – Boxing Day

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