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Startup vs. Corporate: how to innovate – UIIS 2018 report 

In this report, we’ll cover two topics: what makes the country a hub of innovations, and how startups can collaborate with corporates to implement innovations together

Finance & Economics

The world’s top online marketplaces: rankings & map

PaySpace Magazine offers to consider the biggest and most visited marketplaces

Blockchain & Crypto

The Blockchain Island: Malta Blockchain Summit findings & insights

Find out why Malta is gaining traction as the most attractive jurisdiction for investors & blockchain companies


Throwback Thursday: success story of Amazon – infographic

Check out our infographic showing the evolution of Amazon

Blockchain & Crypto

Forecast and prognosis for the cryptocurrency market

Many people still don’t believe in the future of crypto

Fintech & Ecommerce

What do speakers at Money20/20 Las Vegas think about the future

The seventh annual Money20/20 finished yesterday in Las Vegas

Fintech & Ecommerce

Samsung Pay: key features and availability

Let’s find out what Samsung Pay is and how to use it


Throwback Thursday: 7 oldest central banks of the world

Some of the central banks have existed for more than 300 years

Fintech & Ecommerce

Where to invest in CEE region: UNIT Investment Summit’18 insights

Representatives from key startup ecosystems from Central and Eastern Europe told what opportunities investors can find on the region’s market

Blockchain & Crypto

Which countries run national digital currencies?

… and why they have nothing to do with crypto

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Nobel Prize in economics 2018, or why are some countries richer than others

Scientists will be awarded for their work on how technology and climate change have affected the economy

Science & Technology

Google still surprises: Pixel 3’s amazing camera, tablet, and a home speaker

Even though most of the information was leaked long before the event, the company surprised the audience

Blockchain & Crypto

The Blockchain Day 2018 is kicking off in Paris – live coverage

High-Level speakers are sharing their opinions on what is the future of crypto and blockchain in France and worldwide

Finance & Economics

How the postal service became a bank

Post offices are already competing with traditional bank branches


2018 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences winner announced

The Prize in Economic Sciences was awarded to William D. Nordhaus and Paul M. Romer

Fintech & Ecommerce

Alternative to banks: 5 mobile wallets for developing countries

Mobile wallets help to convert cash into digital money without depending on banks