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Science & Technology

What type of professionals are needed to create an AR app?

Creating AR apps is a complex process that requires the coordinated work of various IT professionals


How to buy Ukrainian war bonds?

Here is how to buy the traditional instrument of financing military operations in Ukraine

Society & Lifestyle

The сosts involved with opening a new casino

Opening up your own business can be an exciting time, in which it’s easy to get wrapped up in the ideals of running your dream business. However, there are many hidden things that people forget to think about when it comes to starting up a business, particularly in relation to start-up costs. While you may […]


Descubre los datos que debes saber sobre la Ley Fintech mexicana 

La ley Fintech mexicana fue uno de los primeros cuerpos normativos creados puntualmente para promover la innovación, así como la transformación de los servicios financieros tradicionales de banca y crédito


How much wheat do Ukraine and Russia produce?

Here is why the Russian-Ukrainian war is important to every other nation in the world


Guerra cibernética contra Rusia: así es como Anonymous se venga de Putin

Además de la guerra convencional entre Rusia y Ucrania, se está viviendo una intensa guerra cibernética y, el colectivo de hacktivistas Anonymous, ha liderado numerosos ataques exitosos y ha inutilizado sitios web gubernamentales, corporativos y de noticias rusos. El colectivo de hackers Anonymous no ha cesado de bombardear a Rusia con ciberataques desde que declaró […]


Africa could lose 10% of its population to hunger if the war in Ukraine lasts

East and North Africa are at the highest risk of extreme hunger


Money over morality: financial players that are still operating in Russia amidst war

Here is the list of the major financial companies whose profits from Russian banking operations are prevailing over ethical principles

Science & Technology

Brand new dining experience: top 5 automated restaurants

Check out our updated list of 5 automated restaurants that offer exciting dining experience across the world


Who is winning: Russia or Ukraine?

It seems that some nations are waiting to see who the clear winner is in this epic battle before they take any sides

Fintech & Ecommerce

5 Best Forex Merchant Account Solutions in 2022

Forex merchant account is a type of account providing services to foreign exchange firms and brokers. Generally, Forex traders, trading platforms, and Forex informational services use it. Foreign Exchange is the world’s biggest and the most accessible market, so there is a strong demand for payment processors who provide Forex merchant account solutions. However, in […]

Blockchain & Crypto

What is cryptocurrency mining?

The сrурtосurrеnсу creation process is called mining


Russia’s hypersonic missile urges for tougher sanctions 

Let’s analyse how dangerous Russian “Daggers” are and what this move means for planned economic sanctions


¿Cómo apoyar económicamente a las Fuerzas Armadas de Ucrania en una guerra con Rusia?

El gobernador del Banco Nacional de Ucrania, Kyrylo Shevchenko, anunció el 24 de febrero la apertura de esta cuenta especial vídeo de referencia. El Banco Nacional de Ucrania ha creado una cuenta especial para la recaudación de fondos para el ejército ucraniano. ¡Cualquier persona de cualquier país puede realizar donaciones! Para las remesas en UAH: […]


¿Por qué Rusia invadió Ucrania?

La invasión rusa a Ucrania no solo ha desestabilizado la región, sino que también ha afectado a la economía mundial incrementando la inflación, los precios del petróleo y los del gas. Además, existe la preocupación a nivel global de que la invasión rusa pueda provocar un choque de potencias nucleares. El intento de Vladimir Putin […]