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Fintech & Ecommerce

Fintech in Georgia: a brief overview

What do we know about fintech in the country (not to be confused with the US state)

Finance & Economics

Top 3 cashback services to help you shop online efficiently

Today we’ll describe the top 3 cashback services for your online shopping


Best online payment gateways for small business in the UK

These top 10 online payment gateways for small businesses in the UK are likely to bring you easy solutions and convenient services

Fintech & Ecommerce

AI in finance, present and future: UK FinTech Week webinar highlights

What to expect from AI in finance, and which solutions do companies already use? Insights from the UK fintech week webinar

Finance & Economics

Oil price crash: why did it happen and what should we expect

The unprecedented oil price drop has become a historic event


Cash App Wheel Game: pyramid scheme or a way to make money?

People on self-isolation are being increasingly targeted by financial scammers

Finance & Economics

Working during pandemic: how coronavirus affects people worldwide

People from China, France, the UK, Portugal, Poland, and Ukraine reflect on how pandemic had affected their lives

Finance & Economics

When will retail stores reopen? – a global overview

We’re all waiting for our favorite malls and retail stores to reopen. When will it happen?

Finance & Economics

Neiman Marcus bankruptcy: what happened to iconic US retailer

Neiman Marcus, an iconic American store, was one of the first famous brands to report bankruptcy this year

Finance & Economics

Free Heineken scam: WhatsApp messages you should ignore

The scam offering you a free keg of Heineken beer is back on WhatsApp

Science & Technology

Money in Excel: new Microsoft feature explained

Money in Excel will become an integral part of the Microsoft 365 Family

Blockchain & Crypto

Facebook Libra coin: what is it and what to expect

What are the prospects for this Facebook cryptocurrency for the future?


How fintech companies are coping with pandemic

PaySpace Magazine is wondering how the fintech unicorns are dealing with the new pandemic-related realities

Blockchain & Crypto

Learn fintech and blockchain while on lockdown: courses calendar

Here’s how you can spend your quarantine time well, learning blockchain and fintech at these courses

Society & Lifestyle

How governments worldwide support people amid COVID-19

COVID-19 pandemic has brought global economies to a halt, while unprecedented quarantine measures are leaving thousands of people jobless


10 best and largest banks in India

Check out the top 10 most trusted and frequently used banks in India