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How Crypto Made Online Gambling Easier

Crypto adoption is one of the ongoing trends in the online gambling industry. A growing number of casinos and sportsbooks now accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. Some of them also feature crypto slots and roulette applications

Finance & Economics

Bear Market Is Driving Crypto Adoption In Emerging Economies

Max Krupyshev Author   It’s safe to say that the last couple of months have been a nightmare for crypto investors, with millions of them seeing their portfolios more in the red than ever before. But it’s not all bad news, on the contrary, while the market bleeds crypto usage keeps growing.  Our internal statistics […]

Blockchain & Crypto

How to buy Dogecoin

Dogecoin has become quite popular not only among amateur investors but also crypto whales, with rising digital asset values

Fintech & Ecommerce

A Guide To 5 Must-Read Fintech Books

The financial technology (Fintech) industry is considered the deployment of software, tools, applications, and technological innovations in financial activities. Fintech could also be well defined as a substitution of traditional financial activities such as banking transactions with software and applications

Science & Technology

Catching Up With The Tech Trends Dominating In The $129.3B Sports Betting Industry

The global sports betting market is valued at $129.3 billion and is growing year over year

Finance & Economics

How Good Onboarding Can Enhance Your ROI

Eada Hudes Author   You get the essence of a better onboarding process if the employees become fully competent and start being productive. An onboarding strategy impacts productivity and employee retention. Finding and appointing new talent costs a considerable sum of money. And you do not want to get it wasted. Therefore, assistance from HR […]

Finance & Economics

How Many Connectors do You Need for a Successful PSP Business

Vladimir Kuiantsev CEO of Akurateco   Online payments have been thriving for quite some time now, yet, there are still a lot of questions that remain unanswered. Whether you are already a Payment Service Provider (PSP) or plan on becoming one, a key consideration is how many connectors you need to run your PSP successfully. […]

Finance & Economics

Management Tips for New Business Owners

Owning a business is an incredibly rewarding experience, especially if you’ve always dreamed of being your own boss, but there’s often a very steep learning curve


Instant Money Transfer to India

Remittance flows are a vital source of income for many Indian families. Therefore, instant money transfer is often crucial to the households’ well-being 

Finance & Economics

The Evolution of Investing

Investment exists today as a crucial part of life for millions

Fintech & Ecommerce

Finovate and SALT conference in New York: innovations and trends in the world of fintech and investments

Nykyta Izmailov CEO of N1 fund   Finovate and SALT are two large-scale fintech conferences that took place in New York on September 12-14.  Nykyta Izmailov, the founder and CEO of the specialized investment fintech fund N1, who attended both events, told about the industry trends and other issues discussed by the participants of the […]

Finance & Economics

Is “Pay As You Drive” Insurance Going to Make Car Insurance Expensive For Indians?

No, a “Pay As You Drive” (PAYD) will not make car insurance policy expensive for Indians. Instead, a PAYD policy will significantly reduce your car insurance premiums, allowing you to save more. Also, there are several benefits of a PAYD insurance policy that you must be aware of before choosing one

Blockchain & Crypto

How to educate yourself about market laws and crypto utilization?

Jean Nichols Content writer   Supply chain relationships in the finance and tech industry are genuinely global in reach and complexity. This complexity, especially in the crypto-currency market, poses a significant problem for regulators and legislators. Platforms like this app offer numerous trading options and help you start your bitcoin trading journey without any dedicated […]

Finance & Economics

Spend Less. Save More. Repeat

Justin Weinger Author   Want a workable strategy for spending less money, saving more, and building long-term financial security? Fortunately, there are several uncomplicated, painless ways of getting the job done. The best part is that all the tactics are based on common sense financial principles that have been used by millions of people for […]

Finance & Economics

A Beginners Guide to Tradelines

Muhammad Obaidullah Content writer   Banking systems have wrapped their tendrils in our lives so profoundly that it’s hard to imagine the world prior to them. However, understanding the banking and credit systems can be complex. In this article, we’ll discuss an aspect of the financial landscape that eludes many: tradelines. Beginners often find tradelines […]

Blockchain & Crypto

 Which cryptocurrency should you buy?

Jean Nichols Content writer   New digital currencies are arising to challenge the status quo, or at least complement the complex relationship in global trades. Check websites like to utilize the best strategies to make your bitcoin trades profitable. The cryptocurrency you should buy is a matter of analysis and consideration. This below-mentioned portion […]