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Four common uses to do with Bitcoin

In today’s world, where more and more technological innovations are being made on a daily basis, it can feel as if the world is rapidly progressing and that it can be difficult to keep up with the times. For many people, this struggle isn’t the easiest one to keep up with. However, if one has […]

Science & Technology

Digital identity: how it works and what can go wrong

Digital identity is the sum of all available digital data about a person

Science & Technology

How does self-checkout work: functions & technology

Let’s define the major functions of the self-checkout machine


How shopping behavior differs from generation to generation

Baby boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z all have great purchase potential

Finance & Economics

Schemes & types of banking card fraud to watch out for

The more anti-fraud protection methods are developed, the more resourceful and careful fraudsters will be

Society & Lifestyle

5 apps for personal budgeting

These apps will help you to stick to your budget in 2020

Science & Technology

What is API and how it works

Here’s all the basic information you need about API

Fintech & Ecommerce

How does WeChat Pay work

The company gradually makes this wallet available for foreign customers


Here’s why the telecoms industry is making cloud its top priority

Cloud is no longer a novelty. Let’s take a closer look at the telecoms industry

Finance & Economics

Top 10 online sales channels for your retail business

How to diversify your sales strategy and improve your sales volumes? With these 10 sales channels!

Finance & Economics

Inside and outside: how does ATM work?

 Wondering how does ATM work?


How to create a successful business idea in 2020?

John Peterson Journalist and Essay Writer   Great business ideas, in their own way, make the world go round. New breakthroughs and innovative responses to challenges people face every day can make this planet a better place, while bringing income and profit to the ones who kickstarted them. For all the entrepreneurial individuals out there, […]

Blockchain & Crypto

Things you should know about Ripple & future prospects

The valuation of Ripple reached $10 billion last year, whereas its current market cap equals $26.8 billion

Finance & Economics

Check as a payment instrument: history and current usage

Some countries strive to adapt check usage to modern realities

Finance & Economics

Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett and his secrets for success

Warren Buffett purchased his first stocks at the age of 11 and saved up $50 000 by age 18. Today he turns 90!