Top Reasons Why Translation Is Important For Business

The internet has allowed businesses to break geographical barriers and operate globally. Today, it is possible for a business to be based at London or Tokyo and make sales at Cairo and Rio de Janeiro easily. For any business to succeed, it is essential to communicate the message well.

Top Reasons Why Translation Is Important For Business

However, making sales in a foreign location can be a problem if the people there speak a different language. This is where a translation service can help. Many consumers globally, prefer to buy services and products in their native language. To make the business truly international, it should be able to understand the preferences of their customers, their feelings, and communicate in their own preferred language.

Here are some top reasons why a business should use an business translation service:

Reach out to customers who speak another language

A truly successful business will want to make its presence felt in many countries. People in different countries speak different languages. You can translate your website for different audiences. Your marketing content and even social media content can also be translated into the native tongue. This will allow you to reach people who were previously beyond your scope. As a result, your potential reach will go up manifold. Consumers from practically anywhere in the world can now purchase your product or service from the internet.

Consumers are likely to spend more time seeing a website and reading the marketing material or product catalog in their own language. They will also trust your business more when they read in the local language because they know you took the extra effort to reach out to them. This shows that you really care – you really value their business.

You can avoid misunderstandings

When you don’t know a foreign language, there is always a chance that your message can be distorted or misunderstood. Your customers and prospects may even feel offended. Even famous brands such as KFC have faced such issues. The well-known KFC tagline “finger-licking good” was interpreted as “we’ll eat your fingers off” in a different country. Such incidents can have a devastating effect. A professional English business translation service will take your business to the new land and ensure that the messaging is accurately translated into the foreign language. Just ensure that you have hired a good firm for the job.

Improves the brand image of your business

Mark your presence in another country and you will be able to maximize the market reach of your business. A professional translation company will help you reach that market and make sure that the messaging is conveyed correctly without any errors. This will help you reach the market in exactly the way you want and do business overseas.

A global business is sure to increase your revenues simply because you can now sell to more people. This will also improve your brand image at home. With a better brand image, you may attract more investors and applications for jobs from more qualified people, which is good news for the business. Also, those who are already working for you will also feel proud about working in an international business, which will help you retain the best workforce. Every business needs to attract the best talents and retain them.

Improved brand value may also give you better deals from banks, suppliers, and vendors. Your competitors will also respect you more.

Benefit from a global economy

Geography isn’t a barrier for business anymore. Sadly, language is still a barrier. The global economy promises expansion, scalability, and profit, but only for those businesses that are willing to go that extra distance. Your business documents and marketing materials, when translated, will help you reach far and beyond your usual market. This will allow your business to become truly global.

Your website will reap SEO benefits

When you translate your website into various languages, it will also help you with your Google rank, which means, it will receive more internet traffic. Consider this – there is sure to be a lot of competition among English-language websites for the most potent keywords. But for a website that is translated into German, French, Korean, or Chinese, the competition for the top Google places is likely to be far less.

It also helps to have a larger website that has more pages. Google always ranks a website with many pages high. With more pages, there is also a higher chance for your website to get many more backlinks, which too will help you achieve better search engine ranks.

The internet and global economy opens many more doors for businesses in the modern world. Any business can become international now and get many more customers. Translation can make this happen, which is why there is such a high demand for professional translation services now. Translation is essential for businesses that want to expand and reach out to a global audience.

You will find a few a few tools and resources that will automatically translate the text into many languages. But they are not really that efficient. You may end up making costly errors. Remember the KFC tagline “finger-licking good”, which was translated to “we’ll eat your fingers off”?

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