LTK Rolls Out AI Solution to Match Brands and Creators

LTK announced the launch of a new artificial intelligence-based solution, through which brands can interact with creators and plan marketing campaigns.

LTK Rolls Out AI Solution to Match Brands and Creators

The new solution is called LTK Match.AI. In this case, artificial intelligence helps brands to increase their awareness. Also, a new tool based on advanced technology can improve the economic potential of users. The relevant information is contained in the LTK press release published last Tuesday, December 12.

Amber Venz Box, president and co-founder of the mentioned company, said that the new software with integrated artificial intelligence simplifies the process of selecting creators, significantly improves profitability prospects, and contributes to an increase in productivity.

The press release contains information that the AI-based tool uses its own arrays of information about creators, firms, and buyers across all publishing platforms. This solution allows you to compare the sides of a potential interaction to achieve optimal results.

Artificial intelligence software analyzes product performance data and performance information in real-time. The new technological solution examines the products and product categories that the creators promote through LTK. AI identifies who has the most effective marketing practices and offers collaboration within the most personalized concepts.

The press release notes that artificial intelligence helps brands find new creators. Advanced technology also provides an opportunity to maximize the impact and reach of marketing campaigns.

For creators, software with artificial intelligence offers options for cooperation in the framework of the best financial prospects. Also, in this case, a more effective opportunity is provided to receive offers of interaction from new brands.

Amber Ventz Box says that LTK Match.AI is an important step in her company’s efforts to develop artificial intelligence and machine learning to modernize the industry. According to her, in this case, the goal is not just to establish the most effective interaction, but to create the future of digital marketing. She noted that every match between the creator and the brand is a step towards greater success and influence.

The new software with artificial intelligence joins the LTK platform, which brings together creators from more than 150 countries and 7,000 brands. The relevant information is contained in the company’s press release.

Kit Ulrich, general manager of creator shopping at LTK, said in October during a conversation with media representatives that this firm facilitates communication between brands and influencers. She noted that the company’s platform was created for all creators who interact with it. Probably, in this case, a high level of satisfaction of all user needs is implied. She also said that the company aims to help creators earn as much money as possible.

Currently, the creative marketing industry is estimated at $21 billion. This year, 80% of brands have increased their budgets for relevant purposes. This information is contained in the press release of LTK with reference to the results of the firm’s research. Probably, in this case, the respondents were those brands that interact with the company’s platform.

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