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Finance & Economics

How to stay focused when building your own business

Adam Pepka Creative Content Specialist   Anyone who’s ever started their own business knows how tough managing it can be. Oftentimes the hours are long, the stress is high, and the threat of failure constantly looms overhead. It’s even harder to build your business if you find yourself getting burnt out or distracted on a […]

Fintech & Ecommerce

5 interesting ways to make money online

Roi Madhan Editor   Do you think making money is difficult? If you have tried earning money in the real world, you probably know that this is true. It takes a lot of effort, dedication, and hard work to stick to a job, especially when you are young and still figuring out your career path. […]

Society & Lifestyle

7 effective digital marketing techniques during the pandemic

Daniel Martin Head of Customer Success   The coronavirus, which first started in China, has now affected more than 200 countries globally. The spread has left businesses wondering whether there will be a possibility of recovery. Unfortunately, some of them had closed their doors and laid-off workers to cut their losses. The survival of the […]

Finance & Economics

Ten ways smart people save on groceries

Leon Collier Freelance Writer   The best shoppers know to understand what it takes to make the most of their short trips to the grocery store. It’s a skill that anyone can grow and develop over some time. Smart buyers know how to stretch their pennies to avoid buying unnecessary items, visiting the grocery shop […]

Fintech & Ecommerce

How PayPal controls the payments world: benefits for small business

John Murphy Community Relations   It’s hard to imagine a time before the wondrous creation that is the internet but once upon a time we didn’t have it. The internet has revolutionized and helped to shape the world we live in today, and most would agree that it is definitely for the better. The web […]


3 reasons airlines are working to optimize payments

Courtney Gough Freelance Blogger   Over the course of the last few years, we’ve witnessed a number of technological advances in airports, and the air travel industry in general. A piece on ‘Biometrics, Robotics, and AI’ that was posted here in 2019 spoke to some of those advances, and made clear that we’re slowly transitioning […]


Top 5 marketing tips for business owners

John Peterson Journalist and Essay Writer   What sets your company apart from other businesses in the same city or region? If you are running a typical firm, rest assured the answer is marketing. Companies working in the same niche sell more or less the same products, so marketing becomes the only surefire way to […]


What’s a white-label payment solution?

Vladimir Kuiantsev CEO of Akurateco   Strengthen the brand’s image. Grow one’s reputation. Expand your global presence. It’s all possible with a single white-label solution. Businesses opt for white-label payment gateways now more than ever. And it’s only smart and here’s why. What’s a white-label payment gateway? A white-label payment gateway is a payment solution […]

Finance & Economics

How to create a successful business idea in 2020?

John Peterson Journalist and Essay Writer   Great business ideas, in their own way, make the world go round. New breakthroughs and innovative responses to challenges people face every day can make this planet a better place, while bringing income and profit to the ones who kickstarted them. For all the entrepreneurial individuals out there, […]

Fintech & Ecommerce

Is it the end of the line for cash?

George Armstrong Writer   Ever since humans introduced trading as a concept, there has been a need for some kind of currency. Before the first coins were struck in Mesopotamia around 5000 years ago, this took the form of random objects including shells, plants and even livestock. But now, as we head through the 21st […]


6 steps on how to make financial presentations interesting

Dan Martin Editor   We all know that it’s challenging to put together a financial presentation that’s easy to follow and entertaining at the same time. Numbers aren’t everyone’s ballgame and putting together a presentation that will wow your audience while getting your point across can fill even the most skilled professionals with dread. Instead […]

Finance & Economics

Affiliate marketing for online retail: how profitable is it?

Alice Jones Digital Marketer and Blogger   E-commerce marketing goes a long way, but can it make the most of affiliate campaigns? It’s a question a lot of marketers have been trying to answer recently, but you can hardly find a straightforward conclusion anywhere on the Internet. A report shows that affiliate marketing is responsible […]

Fintech & Ecommerce

Click, pay, study – how fintech is impacting international education

Kelly Pethick Writer at EssayBulls   Ten years ago, it was difficult for us to imagine going to a shop without a wallet and transferring money to a relative in another country within 20-30 minutes. We couldn’t even think about paying for essay writing services in just a few clicks or buying educational courses from […]

Finance & Economics

What quarantine has taught us about personal finances

Leon Collier Freelance Writer   What most of us thought to be an awesome and promising year, turned out to be a disaster. The Coronavirus pandemic took a toll on humanity. It began as a harmless virus and it ended transforming the world as we know it. Due to this pandemic, many people have lost […]

Science & Technology

6 ways how students can avoid being scammed by educational platforms

Beverly Davis Content specialist   The online education market is booming. Months of lockdowns have opened up amazing prospects for a whole bunch of educational platforms and experts in all fields of knowledge. But not only for them. Fake educational platforms are also on the rise. And desperate students, exhausted by Zoom sessions and struggling […]


Installment loans online: options and alternatives

Samantha Waites Web outreach   The government-mandated shutdown of most businesses in response to the Chinese coronavirus was not just unprecedented. It also threw billions into sudden financial distress. A massive percentage of the population found itself unemployed, while many struggled to get unemployment benefits or government loans. Yet they still faced utility bills, rent […]