Digital Transformation in Banking & Insurance Summit

The 6th Annual Digital Transformation in Banking & Insurance (Europe) Summit returns to Amsterdam this year. Anticipated to attract an exclusive gathering of over 150 high-profile executives across Europe, this summit remains a pioneering platform at the forefront of digital innovation within the banking and insurance sectors.

At this landmark event, attendees can expect to gain valuable insights from more than 30 industry leaders who are driving the digital transformation forward. We invite you to join us in Amsterdam as we continue to spearhead the transformation of banking and insurance through digital innovation!

Event highlights include:

  • What is the current landscape Digital & Security Transformation in Banking
  • Mainframe Modernization: Unlocking Legacy Systems’ Potential
  • Harnessing Gen AI’s Transformational Power in Banking
  • Biometric Boom: Are biometrics reshaping authentication in finance?
  • Evolution of Open Banking: Balancing Collaboration and Competition
  • What trends are emerging in AI-based payment processing and AML strategies?
  • Evolving Threats, Tech Advancements, and Regulatory Demands
  • Enhancing Customer Experience with Generative AI and Smart Automation
  • Navigating regulatory minefields in insurance security
  • Dark Web Risks: Understanding Financial Crimes in the Underworld
  • Nurturing a Resilient Workforce and Culture

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