A Guide to the Best Supply Chain Analytics Software of 2024

Supply chains are essential for businesses to continue operations while meeting customer demand. Despite their importance, only 22 percent of U.S. businesses have a proactive supply chain. One of the best ways to improve and protect your brand’s supply chain is through supply chain software.

The best supply chain analytics software will help you identify weaknesses within your network. It’s a vital step in becoming a proactive company. You can use it to find the resources and supplies you need to maintain your business operations.

Finding the software options that suit your needs is an excellent first step, and you’re in the right spot to explore those options. Continue reading to find the resources necessary for analyzing your supply chain today!


Streamline is an excellent option when exploring software for supply chain analytics. It provides access to several features and quick implementation to reap its benefits.

The software allows you to leverage artificial intelligence for supply chain forecasting. You can analyze your brand’s operations and identify weaknesses.

The primary drawback of Streamline is the learning curve. You’ll need to invest time into training to help your logistics team get up to speed. However, it’s an ideal fit for mid-size benefits that need supply chain help.

Intellestra by Voxware

Intellestra is another supply chain analytics software service to consider for your brand. It’s designed to provide insights into the market to help you build a flexible supply chain.

The algorithms in the software analyze your past and present data. It uses the data to predict future events and provide analysis to ensure you’re making informed decisions.

You’ll receive real-time insights to help you optimize your supply chain. You can also configure Intellestra to fit your company’s specific needs. Pair it with supply chain finance software to maximize your business operations.

Birst Supply Chain Analytics

If you’re seeking a comprehensive software option, Birst is among the best. You’ll enjoy access to tools designed to help you manage each aspect of your supply chain.

Use Birst to improve the visibility of your supply chain. It allows collaboration between your internal business processes and your suppliers.

The software also allows you to adjust your supply chain as needed, making it an effective tool for all types of supply chains.

Deloitte Supply Chain Solutions

Deloitte is a top software provider that helps business owners identify overlooked opportunities. It’s a fantastic tool for helping your growing business evolve and adapt to changes within your supply chain.

When they become apparent, you’ll use predictive analytics to manage supply chain risks. Deloitte is also helpful to grow your supplier footprint.

Find the Best Supply Chain Analytics Software Today

Software is an essential tool for growing and evolving businesses. Supply chain analytics software is designed to help your brand adapt to changing circumstances. You can use it to meet customer demand.

Streamline is an excellent software option for leveraging AI. Deloitte is another option to help you find growth opportunities. Birst is best for collaboration and visibility within your supply chain.

Technology is a fantastic resource to give your brand an advantage. Read our Technology articles for insights to help your brand reach the top today!

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